Movement Fundamentals: Liberating Technique for the Dance Artist

Three movement courses which liberate the student into self knowledge and dance artistry through practicing embodiment, refining movement, and crafting expression.

  • MFI: Practices of Alignment and Function
  • MFII: Practices of Range and Efficiency
  • MFIII: Practices of Vocabulary and Intention

These three courses emphasize functional anatomy and dynamic alignment as tools for ordinary and extraordinary movement; internal connectivity for range and efficiency of movement and of relationship to self, other and world; and sensory and imagistic awareness for sophistication in artistic vocabulary and intention.

Courses in contact improvisation, dance composition and dance history, as well as topical and interdisciplinary courses, deepen and broaden the program. Collaborative classroom and rehearsal environments facilitate dynamic relationships among students and faculty, empowering and enlivening the creative imagination in self and community. The articulate body is understood and experienced as an intelligent instrument, while integration of body, mind and spirit supports the student’s development as an engaged and engaging artist. This (w)holistic approach toward dance training develops skills for a creative and sustainable living practice.

MFI Course Description:  

Movement Fundamentals I: Practices of Alignment and Function is an introductory movement course exploring vital integrative connections between somatic practice and performance preparation. The study and practice of dynamic alignment and embodied anatomy unfolds new relationships between physical function and expression.  No prerequisites.

MFII Course Description:                                    

Movement Fundamentals II:  Practices of Range & Efficiency An intermediate movement course building technical practice from basic somatic skills.  This technique course supports awareness of individual movement patterns and sequences allowing for the development of new movement possibilities.  This increased range and efficiency opens the door to new levels of creative expression in communication and performance.  May be repeated twice.  Prerequisite:  Movement Fundamentals I or consent of instructor

MFIII Course Description:

Movement Fundamentals III: Practices of Vocabulary and Intention is an advanced movement course focusing on crystallizing performance skills through the development of individual movement versatility and invention. Technique practice builds from somatic skills and contemporary dance vocabulary through both technical phrasing and improvisational scoring. This depth of integrative practice prepares the mover to refine movement vocabulary and clarify movement intention. May be repeated. Prerequisite: Movement Fundamentals II or consent of instructor

“I want to create a fundamental and moving paradigm, which trains dancers as artists and empowers people to love and feel gratitude for their bodies.”

—Jane Hawley, creator of MF

Movement Fundamentals—Liberating Practices for the Dance Artist, copyright Jane Hawley, 2001.