Movement Fundamentals: Liberating Practices for the Dance Artist

Movement Fundamentals consists of six paired principles:

  • Alignment and function
  • Range and efficiency
  • Vocabulary and intention

The program unites these principles through ongoing and everyday practice:

  • Trains body (not style)
  • Teaches principles (not steps)
  • Applies to life (not just the dance studio)
  • Liberates the student into self-knowledge (no mirrors or mimicry)
  • Empowers dance artistry (know who you are; follow what you want)
  • Respects the body as an articulate and intelligent instrument (give yourself agency)
  • Integrates body, mind and spirit (practice your embodiment)
  • Seeks (w)holistic interdependence (your creative and sustainable living practice)

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“The Movement Fundamental's Curriculum is an anatomical, somatic approach to exploring dance, movement, and being in the world. The three core classes: practices of alignment and function, range and efficiency, and vocabulary and intention liberate students to explore their body as a tool in which to create organic, authentic movement.”

 —Calli Micale, Luther alumna '13

Movement Fundamentals is an organic & holistic training focused on movement exploration that empowers people of all ages, shapes, & abilities to be intelligent, perceptive, & innovative dance artists and lifelong movers.”

—Mike Moran, Luther alumnus '12

Movement Fundamentals is a practice that allows me to discover the roots of an action, whether it is a mundane task, a thought, a feeling, a gesture, or a big-leg-dance-move."

—Lilly Sloan, Dance Artist, Texas

Movement Fundamentals—Liberating Practices for the Dance Artist, copyright Jane Hawley, 2001.