Prospective Players

Are you a...

  • High school superstar who has decided you're done with the varsity sports scene or want to add a skill for your varsity sport?
  • JV runner with solid times who just loves the joy of competition?
  • Athlete who has played ultimate since you were a freshman in high school and have always known you would play in college?
  • Someone who is looking to stay active and have a ton of fun in a competitive sport?

If one of these scenarios sounds familiar, then ultimate is the sport for you at Luther.

We are constantly on the lookout for athletes who love to compete, but who also wants more out of their sports and life. Being a part of Luther Ultimate is a big commitment, yet it is amazing how many of us find other ways to be active throughout the Luther community. If you join the Luther Ultimate family, you will make lifelong friends dedicated to succeeding both on and off the field.

Tryout Information

Tryouts for LUFDA and Pound are held within the first few weeks of the school year each fall. We strongly encourage anyone that is considering playing ultimate to come to tryouts, even if you are not positive you want to play yet. Attending tryouts is not a commitment to either team- Every year, there are people that come to tryouts just to have some fun playing ultimate! Don't worry about how much ultimate experience or knowledge you have either. While both LUFDA and Pound have players that have played ultimate all 4 years in high school, both teams have also had players that never played ultimate before college that became some of our most successful athletes.

Practice Information

Typically, LUFDA will practice 4-5 times a week in the fall until the conclusion of our final fall tournament. After that, players enjoy a short break until J-Term. Over January, those that are on campus will go through intense workouts, including long distance and short distance conditioning, lifting in the weight room, ultimate drills, scrimmages, and more. The month is meant to be tough and push their limits, as the team works hard to be able to come out in peak physical condition at our first spring tournament. In the spring season, LUFDA will normally practice 5-6 times a week, pushing their potential in hopes of qualifying for every team's ultimate goal, the National tournament. Practice times vary based on players' availability, but generally begin in late afternoon and run for about 2 hours. Pound will typically hold a similar schedule through the year, but will be more focused on having fun playing ultimate than improving to try to make Nationals. That's not to say Pound doesn't try to get better each practice and go out and try to win every game, but many Pound players have really enjoyed their experience on the team due to the emphasis on having fun. If you have any questions about what it is like to be on either team, don't hesitate to contact our captains.