Board Members

Elise Heiser & Erika Buch​h​olz

President & Vice President

Elise Heiser Johnsburg, IL

My favorite part of the nursing program is the applicability of everything we learn. We are in one of the few majors where you learn a unique set of skills that has specific applications. We will leave Luther with a sense of competency and readiness to enter the healthcare arena. The practical nursing experiences we have had with Luther College are irreplaceable.

In addition to LSNA, I participate in the Luther College Concert Band and the track and field team. I play clarinet in band and compete in the long and triple jump events for track. I also hold the position of Campus Wellness Ambassador. 

Erika Buchholz Stillwater, MN. 

My favorite part of the nursing program is the wonderful professors that we have! All of the professors are so wise and experienced. They not only help with school work and studying but they are also great mentors. 

Aside from being in the nursing program, I run cross country at Luther, I sang in choir for a year, and I volunteer at the Free Clinic in town.

Paxton Kempel


Paxton Kempel Lena, IL

My favorite part of the Luther Nursing Program has been the numerous opportunities that this program offers. I have enjoyed the Rochester experience with Mayo Clinic as well as the opportunity to travel to Nottingham, England. It has been a great way to build relationships and gain knowledge. 

Other activities I am involved in on campus is LSNA, SAC Homecoming, and Dance Marathon.


Aubrey Pedersen


Aubrey Pedersen Marion, IA

My favorite part about the nursing program is our year in Rochester and the many amazing learning opportunities we've gotten!

Outside of nursing I am also involved in SASC--Student Academic Support Center--on campus.

Isabel Williams & Kate Knepprath

Website & Newsletter

Isabel Williams


Kate Knepprath Pewaukee, WI

What I appreciate most about the Luther nursing program is the intimacy of it. With small classes, labs, and clinical groups, each student gets the opportunity to not only get to know their classmates but also their professors on a personal level. I credit a lot of my successes to the support I have felt from my professors and their encouragement that pushes me to fullest potential.

Outside of nursing I play trombone in Pep Band and Jazz Band, work for the Photo Bureau, am a member of Chi Theta Rho, and am involved with the Catholic Student Community on campus.


Victoria Sandeno & Courtney Bruening

Volunteer Committee

Victoria Sandeno Gorham, ME

My favorite part of nursing has definitely been all of my clinical experiences; I love all of the hands on stuff. (I also geek out about Microbiology and Physiology :) I know I am a weirdo).  

On campus I am Vice President of Lutheran Student Fellowship, run for track and field, and work as a tutor.

Courtney Bruening Decorah, IA (Whoot!)

My favorite part of the program is becoming friends with everyone along the way and watching them grow as nurses through the years. We have all been through so much together!

Outside of nursing I also work on ground's crew!

Coltan Jacobson & Selena LeGarde

Junior Liaisons

Selena LeGarde Arden Hills, MN

My favorite part of Luther's Nursing Program is that it is very holistic.  We have such a variety of class and clinical experiences that touch on a great diversity of health care elements.  Paired with a liberal arts education, Luther creates very well-rounded nurses!

Outside of nursing, I am involved in a dance group (Orchesis) and SAC leadership, along with working in the Writing Center and as an Anatomy Teaching Assistant!

Coltan Jacobson Rochester, MN

My favorite part about this nursing program is the junior year! I loved being actively exposed to many different units I could potentially work at!

Nursing keeps me pretty busy during the school year, but aside from being the LSNA junior leasion, I am also a morale captain for Dance Marathon, a pledge trainer for my service fraternity APO, as well as a tutor and TA for Anatomy and Physiology. 

Halle Haedtke & Kileigh Dudek


Halle Haedtke Winona, MN

My favorite part of the nursing program is how many of the clinical instructors go out of their way to find really interesting, hands-on experiences for us, in addition to the normal clinicals. I have gotten to see and do some incredible things because of this!

On campus I am involved in XOP and LSNA and I am a student manger in catering. 

Kileigh Dudek Chatfield, MN

My favorite part of the nursing program is the amazing opportunity we get to experience the nursing life at Mayo Clinic, more specifically their pediatric and OB units.

Outside of nursing I am on the track and field team and I am a part of APO, the national co-ed service fraternity on campus.

Haley Jensen & Hannah Will

Breakthrough to Nursing, PR & Advertising

Haley Jensen West Des Moines, Iowa

I think learning at Mayo, one of the best hospitals in the country, is an amazing opportunity and will get us far when it comes to skills and interviewing for jobs. I also loved living in Rochester and going to Flapdoodles on a weekly basis (even in the winter).

Outside of the nursing program I am also on the Luther College Women's Soccer team.

Hannah Will Traverse City, MI

I really love our passionate professors! They make learning enjoyable, and they strive to make us the best nurses that we can be.

Aside from nursing, I am the Vice President of LC PRIDE which is the LGBT+ organization on campus.