Notes from LIS Council - 3/26/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Network & Systems
      • Adam shared an update on the towers wireless project. Second floor Dieseth has been installed and a new SSID established for this test period. We discussed the communication we needed with Kris Franzen and the students that live in towers as well as the preparation the Technology Help Desk needed to be ready to field calls and collect feedback. A concern was raised that the wireless network may lead to further contention for the Internet bandwidth to/from campus. Faster Decorah Metronet based connections are being implemented but they are not up and running now and students’ performance experience may be constrained beyond the towers wireless portion of the network. More pre-wiring is being planned for other floors but installing networking will not occur until summer. We look forward to student feedback next week.
      • Adam also shared an update on the security camera project. A total of 26 camera’s are installed and operational on the network. The management server is expected on April 7th and will include 2 days of training. Adam will ensure Active Directory accounts exist for those that will need access. We discussed the need for clarity on roles and responsibilities and workflows for administration and account management and how that relates to training.
      • Adam reported on the plans to bring up two 1Gbps Internet pipes shared with our Metronet partners. The city manager has signed both contracts so work can proceed on the installation. We must finish the installation and test prior to terminating any current support.
    • User Services
      • Diane walked us through the results of the trial. We discussed various licensing options and associated costs. One option being considered is a serially reusable “named user” license option. Think of it as a book on reserve that could be checked out when one wants to do training. We also discussed investment staging possibilities through time. Work continues to get to a workable and affordable proposal. We also talked about the value of our existing online training product and options for it going forward.
      • Adobe has announced changes to their licensing options which we need to explore. We have been using a concurrent user license model which balances availability of the software on campus with cost. Up until this recent change Adobe offered license based on FTEs which is much much more expensive. Hopefully the new options will provide us a path forward. Diane also shared that our GoToMeeting license is being well used and we may need to increase that. We’ll look at data in a future meeting.
      • There have been conversations on new office/workstation setups that would address ergonomic considerations. Designs are being evaluated.
      • Diane also reported that new/additional data is being captured within KBOX to track usage of the new Digital Media Center. This will be important to access the contribution this investment is making to the campus and in particular to teaching and learning. We look forward to seeing this information in operational reporting in the next month.
  • New Items
    • Staff Day Breakout Sessions
      • LIS has been invited to contribution to Staff Day breakout sessions. We came up with some ideas to feed into the planning committee.
    • Division Meetings Presentations
      • We reviewed plans and staffing to make 10 minute presentations at the three Division meetings next week on Katie Learning Analytics and to collect feedback from the conversation. Speaker training session set up for Friday to prepare.
  • Returning Items
    • Budget Items
      • We revisited year end budget planning looking both at available funds that can be pooled for year end purchases and items that would be highest priority.

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