Notes from LIS Council - 3/19/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Library
    • This is the time of year when annual statistics are reported to the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) and the Iowa Private Academic Libraries (IPAL) Consortium. Ryan shared some historic numbers in a couple of collection-related categories (FY 2011-2013). This information is prior to our migration to the new library system - Worldcat Management System (WMS). New book purchases have remained stable at about 3300 each year. eBooks were included starting in 2012 which made for a large jump in total volumes.
    • Information literacy instruction statistics reflect all of the Paideia research sessions. We are doing more sessions as compared to last year.  For the annual report and end of the year will analyze the information to see what contributed to the increase. We discussed a couple of particular faculty-librarian collaborations the led to sessions
    • Ryan mentioned call number searching is now availability in WMS in one of the interfaces. He shared some other changes have also been included ahead of their scheduled release, including acquisitions analytics/reports.
    • We have become a member of Center for Research Libraries (CRL). This gives us access to their extensive collections. Some are digitized resources are available direction and other resources are available through interlibrary loan. We also have access to a reference librarian at CRL to help us navigate the collections. Ryan shared he has successfully utilized the service twice already and had discussion with her about reflecting their holdings within our WMS instance (to aid discovery), digitization of The Decorah Posten, and the possibility of making resources available for Paideia research, etc.
  • New Items
    • LIS Social Committee
      • We discussed the current structure of the group, its purpose and scope and current needs and challenges (e.g. staffing). Some alternative approaches were proposed. We decided to make some changes. We intend to centralize card or gift sending for deaths, births, or illness/hospitalizations. Supervisors will pull together ad hoc committees for retirement events and a separate committee will be staffed in November (e.g. at November  LIS general time) to plan the LIS Christmas party (two year staggered volunteer “terms” for continuity).
  • Returning Items
    • Towers Wireless
      • Adam and Paul shared pictures of what the in room application will look like including the box that will be ceiling-mounted in every other towers rooms, the box on the wall coming into the room, and the conduit that runs 10 feet to the access point. At this point we do not anticipate needing in room painting. Diane Tacke delegated the design review to Kris Franzen and Jay Uthoff and it has been accepted.
      • The technology pilot will be installed during Spring Break on 2nd Dieseth in every other room to verify the solution works. Kris Franzen has sent out the communication.
    • Security Cameras
      • More than half of the cameras have been installed (~13). The server is expected soon.
    • Digital Media Center Open House
      • Student demos were great. Many people commented on how much they liked seeing the projects and how excited the students were. The students did a good job of communicating the “we’re here to help” message.
      • Approximately 115 people attended including nine faculty (two emeriti, two who are/will be using the Digital Media Center for COMS courses, three who have been literacy/technology summer workshop participants and one who is planning to apply for the 2014 summer workshop).
      • Hana took pictures that can be used for additional publicity.

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