Notes from LIS Council - 03/05/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • Marcia plans to prepare an ImageNow project status report to share with the Cabinet.
      • Marcia shared progress on the backfile scan of the Education Department student credential files.
      • The Network and Systems team and Software Development team are taking the course on Git Essentials. Git is used to collaborate, coordinate and document software development (and other) work. We are using Git for several projects now. allows us to watch the sessions individually and then we review the information and discuss practical application as a group.
      • Lane and Bob added and tested the code for "Moodle Audience Response System" in Katie using the IPAL mobile application for Android devices. The application will facilitate student responses using Android mobile devices or Internet browsers in the classroom for immediate and shared feedback to questions
      • Last Wednesday, at a Moodle conference call with UCLA, LSU, UMass, Berkeley, University of Minnesota, Bob Puffer was asked to chair a working group on the gradebook at the Moodle research conference at the end of June.
      • This week Admissions is starting to send new students invitations to complete the Admissions placement test in preparation for ROAD. The Admissions placement site in Katie was redesigned this year.  
      • Business Objects 4.0 is installed on a test server, however work continues to resolve problems with the process to import our current universes and installing the security certificates.  
      • Nathan and Marcia are meeting with Alumni and Development staff to discuss the details of document linking and workflow for corporate giving.
      • Progress continues on responsive design for Luther’s web site in Reason for a better user experience on mobile devices of any size.
    • Archives
      • Sasha shared statistics on traffic in the Archives. Additionally she shared statistics about new material arrival, accession backlog and progress and processing backlog.
      • Ryan commented on how searching works in contentDM (used for the Postville projects and by UNI) and how that affects standards, like using underscores in titles. A combination of Library cataloging, Archive’s cataloging, and the software functionality are guiding the development of standards.
  • New Items
    • CLAC - Denison, Ohio
      • The team discussed attendance plans. Adam noted there is a nearby ResNet Student Technology conference in the same time frame. Marcia will check who will present the ImageNow mindshare project results.
    • Security Camera Project
      • A contract has been signed and work is being scheduled.
    • Papyri Updates
      • Sasha shared a set of activities and communications associated with the Papyri collection including appraisal, insurance, restoration, conservation, and preservation.
    • Anthropology Collection
      • Whirl-a-gig will install the anthropology collection framework and import process this week. Ryan will schedule meeting for Ryan, Destiny, Steve, Tabita, and Marcia to discuss a Reason interface.
  • Returning Items
    • Trial
      • 60 students and 56 faculty/staff have logged in and feedback has been positive. Adam commented and Marcia agreed that the technical topics provide a good overview, but do not go very deep or get technical enough to substitute for vendor supplied training. Diane has pricing information.

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