Notes from LIS Council - 02/26/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Network and Systems
      • Adam showed charts that indicate we are nearly utilizing our full Internet bandwidth from 10am until about 2am. We “shape” traffic when the demand exceeds the capacity motivated by fairness and sharing. We are working through the process of acquiring more bandwidth leveraging our Decorah Metronet (DMN) collaboration. The ratio of download to upload traffic continues to be approximately 10:1. We are supporting upwards of 5000 wireless connections on our network on a daily basis.  Interestingly, in the dead of the night approximately 3500 devices remain connected.
      • Server room power consumption was graphed for the last 5 years. Virtualization leading to higher utilization and fewer required servers as well as more power efficient servers have reduced data center power consumption by 15%. Note that several new systems leverage cloud services and are not part of our data center.
      • A number of project updates were shared. From a wiring perspective we are ready for the camera installers to come. Four new access points have been added to the CFL second floor. We are beginning to enumerate the steps required to upgrade our Internet connections via DMN.
      • We are continuing to flesh out a technical plan and cost estimate for a summer project to upgrade tower’s wireless. Passive optical is turning out to be too expensive so focus is on a structured wiring approach.
    • User Services
      • Diane shared a number of updates on projects in progress. Highlights included some work to improve work order quality control by the Technology Help Desk, a project to notify students of low balances in their printing quota, plans to update the video available for new student registration and standards for tracking multimedia work orders and communicating expectations on scheduling and progress.
      • We discussed a number of projects associated with classroom changes and updates in Olin, Main and CFA.
      • A solution is being rolled out to the problem some occasionally experience in logging into classroom podium computers where the message is “no servers available.”
      • Relative to faculty and staff workstations the summer roll is being planned, a scalable/manageable Mac based encryption solution is being developed and work is underway to automate workstation patching.
      • We discussed plans for a Digital Media Center open house to show the community the facility and services available.
      • In the library work is underway to improve the group study room experience for students.
      • Hiring is underway for the Multimedia Specialist.
      • We are running a trial for to enable the community to see what value they might get from the product and what content might be available within the product to offset other expenditures that could be contributed a license for the campus. We reviewed usage statistics for the trial so far.
  • New Items
    • Digital Media Center Open House
      • The tentative schedule is for March 18 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Hold the date at this point.
    • Library Basement
      • We discussed a number of challenges we are working through in Preus basement including dealing with drain pipes that leaked when roof water backed up due to frozen storm drains under the Preus Library parking lot. They have not been resealed and spring thaw and rains are a concern.
    • LIS Services and System Notice
      • We are collecting LIS services and system improvements since last Fall for sharing with the Luther College community. Matt Hughes has started the document. LIS Council members are to update the document by Friday, March 7th.
    • Archives Papyri Discovery
      • Sasha Griffin shared a chronology of events and discussed the Archives plans to evaluate options for conservation and preservation. Philip Freeman, who has been in conversation with Michigan, has provided contacts for Sasha to work with.
      • Sasha described some additional communications she plans to develop in collaboration with Publications to provide further information on the discovery and the plans.

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