Notes from LIS Council - 7/2/14

  • New Items
    • Campus Communications
      • The Communications and Marketing team provides several cross campus communication mechanisms. Together we are looking to send less all campus email and leverage periodic communications to a greater degree (e.g. Tuesday) or more targeted emails (e.g. to those specifically impacted by a maintenance outage). To us this means, whenever possible, putting communications together (e.g. maintenance outages) early enough for the review/editing cycle as well as to make the targeted delivery mechanism. All campus emails remain available to us when that is the appropriate tool (e.g. unforeseen immediate action required by the campus community.)
  • Returning Items
    • LIS Annual Report
      • We discussed the path to finalizing and publishing the annual report including 2014/2015 objectives. LIS colleagues need to be prioritizing and finalizing inputs by mid-month (July 17)  so publishing can happen by end of July. Matt Hughes and Paul will put a communication together for LIS to outline the path. We’ll order objectives by (primary) guiding principle, ask that they be articulated at level that balances simplicity and clarity with also being tangible and measurable to the degree possible.
    • Backup and Recovery Verification Project Status
      • Marcia shared the focus this week has been on verification of SQL databases. Citrix database verification is next. In parallel Adam is driving a process to enumerate the full list of servers (OS instances) to marry with application/solution information (what solution/application is supported by each instance) which in turn will be used as the “source of truth” to document the backup/verification dates and responsibilities. The project is prioritizing first those applications that are most mission critical. The challenge in this endeavor is the verification - how does one assure themselves that which is backed up (files/databases) is sufficient to rebuild an operational system should there be a loss of a system. That verification is key to knowing that all that needs to be backed up is being backed up.
    • Internet Connectivity/Update
      • Mediacom has installed the second 1Gbps Internet connection. Decorah Metronet and Luther network configuration work needs to be coordinated to complete the implementation.
      • When completed this marks a fundamental change to how we implement and provide Internet connectivity to the college. Given the growth in devices and demand for bandwidth and our growing dependency on our network and solutions for so much of what we do, our approach will be to provide two connections that provide enough bandwidth to support college operations so if one link is out the college continues to operate without impact/slowdown. Prior an outage would mean the college would need to operate at half capacity until the outage was restored. The collaboration with the Decorah Metronet is what has enabled this change.
      • Adam shared an update on progress to bring the new Akamai caching device on line.
      • Tim Block on campus 7/7
        • Tim Block will be on campus 7/7. Tim will work 1 day per week (Monday’s) for the Network and Systems team. His initial project will be log analysis. We are working on getting him set up with access/equipment/space etc. Please stop by and introduce yourself. He’ll be in the work area outside Adam’s office.
      • AD project update
        • The new solution to enable changes and resets of both LDAP and Active Directory passwords is being tested. We discussed broadening the testing to the LIS group. This function is critical to our migration to AD plans that require us to co-exist with our current LDAP for a time. We discussed communications considerations for a subsequent roll-out plan when testing is complete.
      • Backfile storage area construction update
        • Construction is underway for the physical lockable storage space to store the paper backfiles that have been scanned and put online as part of the document imaging projects with the alumni and development office and the education department. The space is in the southwest corner of the climate controlled area of the library lowest level.
      • Feedback on new responsive design website
        • We discussed feedback we had on the new Luther College responsive website design. Diane pointed out a dependency she had with the set of iPads on the preexisting pilot mobile site that this new site subsumed. Marcia will investigate where the functions have been moved so the iPads can be migrated. Marcia also shared a compatibility problem is being worked with the Veteran’s kiosk and overhead projectors.
  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • Maricia updated the team on the Colleague SQL Migration project. Three critical problems are being worked.  Two are related to the integration of Business Objects 4.0 and the other is a performant design for reporting current data. The problems are being escalated to the vendors/consultants to help with solutions. The first round of end user testing has been completed and the team has identified of a number of items to work through.
      • Marcia updated the team on some assignment changes. Steve is going to take the “scrum master” role for the Reason team. Marcia will continue to be part of the Reason review and leadership meetings. This will create space for Marcia to lead work on Katie support in addition to the Colleague SQL Migration and new document imaging stages.
    • Archives
      • Sasha was out; no report

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