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Notes from LIS Council - 5/21/14

  • New Items
    • Library Basement Roof and Storm Drain Pipes
      • Pipe joint repair is going on in the basement. Access, climate control, moving of materials and noise management during finals week were topics that were discussed. Further conversations include options for dealing with the wet insulation and sheetrock damage to Internet room and potential risks.  Another longer term issue is how to test/discover if the storm drains freeze again under the Preus lot and water backs up in the pipes and/or collects on the roof. Many thanks were expressed for Eddy’s help on moving MANY things to enable the work!
    • Backup/Restore File Verification
      • The team, led by Marcia, is reviewing the cross team process for file backup and the QA procedures to restore and validate the backups. Further this opportunity will be leveraged to revalidate the comprehensiveness of backups and the comprehensiveness of monitoring. Escapes with the current practice inspired this this review. Weekly checkpoints will track progress on implementing the revalidated, comprehensive process until it is grooved.
  • Returning Items
    • Collections Meeting
      • Sasha shared the collections board discussed emergency planning. Sarah is working with Matt Hughes to create an initial draft focused on Preus materials emergency planning over summer for feedback. Further discussions by the collections board included space, pipes, etc. Sasha observed that several of the members are new to the committee so there was good discussion to bridge from the past. Another topic included logging of environmental data. Within LIS Council we discussed the systems implications and relationship to facilities. A question was raised at the collections board about how the library collection and special collections could be represented.
    • LIS Strategy Day
      • A separate meeting will be scheduled to dedicate to planning.
  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • Marcia shared an update on the progress the team is making on the Colleague migration to SQL database. The team’s progress is to the point that dates for the cutover are being considered and conversation led to topics of community communication, comprehensive testing, and the relationship of the cutover to having a unified password reset program.
      • Marcia reported conversations are planned to work on investing in and cross training for Katie skills to deepen the bench so our team is more resilient.
      • Chris Stuckman is making progress on an enhanced AD password reset website.
    • Library
      • Ryan shared reference statistics, collections usage, based on inventory files from OCLC, LibGuides upgrading to version 2.0, and a proposal for Research 101 site to be retired.
      • Andi reported instruction statistics that are essentially end-of-year, building updates and summer workshop participants.