Notes from LIS Council - 5/14/14

  • New Items
    • All-LIS Start of School Year Meeting with Student Workers
      • We discussed logistics and value of having a meeting with all our LIS work study students and all LIS team members at beginning of the next school year. We value the opportunity to start the relationship building processes, the students being able to see the range and scope of all their co-workers and LIS team members and the opportunity to get a full team picture which we might be able to get a member of the visual media team to take. This will be brought up for discussion at the Library All-Staff meeting this week. More thinking about how to go about it is in order.
    • Work Study Students that Need to Arrival Early
      • There is training provided prior to regular student arrival and support provided by LIS work study students during arrival that require some of our work study students to be part of the early arrival list. Diane will work with Corey/Res Life to arrange. If others within LIS have specific needs for early arrival of their students please let Diane G. know.
  • Returning Items
    • Staff Day Sessions
      • Staff Day is June 4th. Several from LIS including Sasha, Larry & Diane, Jennifer & Lindy are doing “Bubble Up” sessions that leverage the “Beyond the Bubble” work study students have been participating in that staff have signalled would be of interest to them as well. Thanks to those in LIS contributing their gifts.
      • Link in Tuesday to register.
    • LIS Strategy Day Scheduling
      • Several calendar options were considered. At this time we plan to meet together for a Strategy Day on June 25. Patty will put out a “Hold the Date” meeting to all LIS team members.  We will utilize the lion’s share of that day but will try to make some time available early and late on that day for individuals to take care of urgent work items. More coming on plans.
  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Network & Systems
      • Adam shared statistics on security cameras showing the bandwidth consumed during the day and night. We learned that the cameras stream continuously and signal the server when to record based on events such as something moving in the field. Bandwidth consumed is greater at night as the compression changes to accommodate lower light conditions. The cameras are part of the wired network and are not expected to cause bottleneck issues at this time.
      • Adam also shared wireless connection statistics, showing differences in Dieseth and Miller as the new wireless design is implemented. Dieseth installation of wireless access points is complete.  Floors 1-3 in Miller are complete. The installation team will halt work in rooms during finals and resume after graduation.
      • Our Akamai server is currently offline. It needs to be reconfigured by Akamai to accommodate IP address changes that are a part of our new Decorah Metronet internet access. We anticipate that Akamai will be soon sending us a new current caching server.
    • User Services
      • Diane shared information on plans for Preus Library “Room 120.” This is the space in the south and east corner of the lower level behind the bathrooms. The plans is to build walls this summer like those built for the Multimedia Lab. Equipment is being purchased for the room. Paul has a meeting with Amy and Andrew to talk through the modelling to ensure the operational functions from LIS are available for the Plant Fund to construct Room 120 this summer.
      • Diane shared statistics on multimedia demands and some early usage statistics and examples of the Digital Media Center.  Work orders are growing, especially media conversions. In general work orders have doubled from last year. An interesting usage is support for distance learning between Luther and Rochester for our nursing students. Adam will verify that the internet connection in Rochester is capable of supporting this application.
      • Diane also provided an update about summer plans for learning spaces across campus. Olin is both repainting and re-carpeting and that will lead to moving equipment multiple times as the spaces are utilized in between.

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