Notes from LIS Council - 5/7/14

  • New Items
    • Pioneer Extra Copies
      • Sasha shared that the archives has at least a full box of most Pioneer issues from the 80’s and some prior to that after holding back 3 each for  preservation copies. What might we do with them? Sasha to follow up with Sherry about a few different options..
    • Preus Emergency Response Plan (Sasha)
      • Matt Hughes has the LIS emergency plan. Sasha shared that Sarah had just been at a workshop on emergency planning and would be interested in putting a group together to work on this. Diane noted the current plan focused on systems and services and it would be useful to add focus on physical elements such as building and collections. Sasha will collect any concerns from the collections board, if any arise during the collections board meeting. Usually emergency response plan is revised during the fall, but last year was skipped due to scheduling conflicts.  Further conversation is necessary to organize a team for the work, identify areas of change and schedule this work.
    • LOEX
      • The event is next week in Grand Rapids, MI. Andi is presenting and Germano and Diane are attending.
  • Returning Items
    • Strategy Days
      • We discussed goals for event this year and began to talk about approaches. Discussion centered around a model with by function pre-work (reading, conversation, using collaborative on-line tools for inputs and reviews, candidate goal enumeration, etc)  and being together for about ⅔ of a day to allow for team members to handle urgent items before and after the event. Patty will start to look at calendars to see what date options might be possible and work towards a “hold the date” calendar entry.
    • Bernard Golden Lunch
      • Patty has organized a lunch with 8 members of the LIS team and Bernard Golden for Monday 5/12.
    • IAICU
      • We discussed plans for participation. Marcia is planning to attend and present on ImageNow workflows and a couple others are finalizing their plans.
    • YE Budget Purchases
      • We discussed modeling plans to determine final 13/14 purchases designed to protect funds for a plant fund for the Room 120 wall project this summer.
    • Chips Interview on Towers Wireless Upgrades
      • Dennis and Adam will be interviewed tomorrow.  Also there might be a Chips article about “heartbleed” in tomorrow’s issue.
  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • Marcia took questions on her May 5th Team Update.
      • The team is applying Agile project management for the Colleague SQL Migration project. This approach improves team communication, enhances prioritization and focus, and provides schedule predictability of “sprints.” Two week sprint started May 6th.
      • Timmah Kamoto was hired as summer student programmer for work on Reason and Katie.
      • IT Audit documentation is nearly complete.
      • Education’s ImageNow workflows are progressing well. Marcia and Nate felt time was well spent at the CLAC Mindshare event.
    • Archives
      • Sasha shared statistics on reference use and operational statistics on new materials received, accessioning, processing and backlogs.  Reference is up this month, like it has been in January.  We discussed possible reasons including more archives staffing being able to do provide reference support.  Another possible reason is awareness of archives on campus due to publicity (e.g. Qualley papyri and Elizabeth Koren letters) and finally some ongoing research projects.
      • New shelving is being installed and decisions are being made and implemented to manage space given recent increases new materials coming to the archives including physical backfiles from document digitization projects.
      • Sasha shared an approach to back-up some born digital data current stored in google pending a system to handle born-digital material so inputs stored could be recovered if they were somehow lost (e.g. google account inadvertently deleted).
      • Sasha shared an interim Archives Leadership Institute report.

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