Notes from LIS Council - 4/30/14

  • New Items
    • End of Year Budget
      • We reviewed the remaining funds in the LIS budgets for 2013-2014 as well as the requests to move forward for consideration of additional funding, both operational and one-time requests.
    • Upcoming LIS General 5/7
      • We discussed potential topics for conversation at the May LIS General.
    • Upcoming LISAAC meeting 5/12
      • We discussed a number of topics for the upcoming LISAAC meeting
    • Bernard Golden Visit to Luther College
      • Tim Schweizer is coordinating a visit by Bernard Golden an entrepreneur in the area of “cloud.”  Tim is wondering if there would be interest in a lunch meeting with some members of LIS and Bernard. Paul and Patty will coordinate an email to the LIS team to collect interest.
    • Landstrom Emergency Response Work
      • Corey is leading work to update the campus-wide emergency plan and is interested in having Paul join their team as an LIS representative on the team. They are working on the policies first and then will develop related plans.
    • University of Iowa Mobile Museum
      • We noticed the University of Iowa Mobile Museum will travel to the Luther campus Saturday, May 3, and will be parked in the Preus Library parking lot. We’re interested in learning more about the plans.
  • Returning Items
    • Internet & Cell Phone Reimbursement
      • Proposal for LIS internet reimbursement and cell phone stipends was reviewed.
    • Internet Service Update
      • Adam shared graphs depicting Internet Connection usage since the changes were made Tuesday morning. It showed that during the business day we peaked at over 500Mbps usage. Our prior total capacity had been 380Mbps and traffic was being “shaped” beyond that. We also noticed download side outage that had occurred after midnight on 4/30 and are working with the vendors to understand both the cause and why rerouting did not occur.
    • Heartbleed Password Change Recommendation
      • Adam shared numbers indicating how many faculty, staff, and students have changed their Norse Key passwords since the campus-wide email recommending passwords be changed was sent Tuesday. Those who haven’t yet, should take the time to visit and change their Norse Key password.

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