Notes from LIS Council - 4/23/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Network & Systems
      • Adam shared Internet traffic reports and a video surveillance traffic report.
      • Towers wire installation is near complete. No complaints on installation mess from residents.
    • User Services
      • CFA 118 - The proposal was updated recently and shared with those involved. The request is for 10 custom-built Windows workstations now and 8-10 later. We plan to use the 8-10 existing iMacs Fall 2014 with the 10 new custom-built Windows workstations.
      • Digital Media Center - There are plans for 8 new iMacs to join the 7 Mac Pros currently in the Multimedia Lab and 3 more from CFA 118 this summer for a total of 18 workstations in the Multimedia Lab. We also intend to have 4 Mac Pros from CFA 118 outside the Multimedia Lab for use when class is in session in the Multimedia Lab.
      • Room 120 - Conversations are in progress to discuss the plans for Room 120 in the event that we’re able to create it as a walled classroom.
      • Curriculum Classroom - We’re requesting feedback from the Education department on enhancing the Curriculum Classroom to improve the teaching and learning in that space.
      • Hovde - The projector in Hovde was replaced over Easter weekend.
  • New Items
    • Student Staffing
      • LIS will be short student workers at the Technology Help Desk from now through the end of the semester. We are working to cover as we’re able for the semester and for the May 3 registration. We are also less than fully staffed for Multimedia as well.
      • User Services still needs one (of two) for workstation support this summer and is continuing to ensure student workers for the Technology Help Desk and Multimedia. Circulation student workers are confirmed.
      • Network and Systems and Software Development shared their plans.
  • Returning Items
    • Heartbleed
      • Discussed plans for communicating and coordinating the changing of passwords.
    • Internet Issues 4/23/14
      • Routing issue on ICN’s end, leaving us with 180 Mbps of our 380 Mbps connection.  Better now, improved just before meeting.  Adam notified Technology Help Desk.
    • Internet Maintenance
      • Plan to continue work on the new 1 Gbps connection on Friday morning. Adam will draft a message for Julie to send out before Friday.

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