Notes from LIS Council - 4/16/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • Marcia provided additional information related to the Software Development team Project Updates.
      • transaction detail is now available online. Displaying the balance of the meal plan is still a work in progress. The transactions that now display are queried from a copy of the data that is at most 24 hours old.
    • Library
      • Ryan shared library database utilization over the past several years, focusing on searches from 2008 through 2013. Cumulative and individual graphs were displayed. If you remove the Worldcat Local searches, the amount of searching the past two years has been essentially the same.
      • He also shared graphs depicting full text, cumulative and individual titles, from calendar years 2011 through 2013.
      • Andi shared library statistics, mentioning that we’re coming to the end of the instruction sessions and consultations for the academic year though there are a few sessions still scheduled or anticipated. We are running ahead when comparing our IPAL count from last year to this year.
      • Andi also shared Preus Library building updates. The Group Study Room Project is moving forward with two rooms now containing plants, landscape photos, and lamps; the rooms are heavily used. The Visit Day Library Open House was a success this past Monday; there were more visitors to the library than in the past.
  • New Items
    • Heartbleed
      • A security notice was sent to faculty, staff, and students 4/16/14 and also posted to the LIS Blog as Heartbleed Vulnerability.
      • Once all vendor systems that authenticate with OpenLDAP have responded to the bug and corrected their systems, another campus-wide message will be sent asking the Luther Community to change their Norse Key passwords.
    • Digital Media Center Press Release
      • LIS has been working with Campus News to draft a press release regarding the new Digital Media Center. It will be published in the near future.
      • We discussed the roll out and communication plan for the new site that will allow faculty, staff, and students to change their Active Directory password.
      • Once everything is in place and tested, those who have an Active Directory account will be emailed to inform them of the new site (Citrix, Slate, ImageNow, Business Objects, and the new Datatel) and the information will be posted on the LIS Blog.
    • Internet Connection Upgrade
      • Prior to May 11, we’ll be moving from 380Mbps to 2Gbps shared with our Decorah Metronet partners. More information available on the LIS Blog.
  • Returning Items
    • Internet & Cell Phone Reimbursement
      • Following up on last week’s meeting, Marcia, Diane, and Adam are collecting information on the topic within Luther and also from peer institutions.

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