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User Services Meeting - 4/14/14

Present: Carsten, Erin, Bob E, Matt B, Larry, Matt H, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer S, Ryan, Diane

Automated Patching - LIS is currently testing a new process for applying o/s and application patches to Luther-owned faculty and staff workstations. More information will be provided as the project progresses.

Library Open House - The library hosted an open house as part of Monday's Admitted Student Visit Day. We had 30+ individuals participate from the 50 families who attended the visit day which was a very good turnout. As part of National Library Week, they each selected a book from our book sale at no cost.

Summer 2014 Faculty Roll - We reviewed the tentative hardware models that will be offered as part of this summer's faculty roll and will be the standard models for the staff roll during the 2014-15 academic year as well.

Blu-Ray - We discussed whether or not there is need for blu-ray players in podiums, whether as part of the workstation or a separate device. We decided there is not a need for this campus-wide and requests will be handled on case by case basis.

Software Changes - We began conversation regarding software versions to be upgraded this summer. At this point we will be moving from SPSS 19 to 22, remaining on MS Office 2010/11, staying with Adobe CS 6 (while researching alternatives due to new pricing model), installing OSX Mavericks on new Mac workstations, and installing Windows 7 on new and old Windows workstations. Requests for additional software changes should be sent to workstation support.

Ceiling Tiles - We were reminded that when we finish work in ceilings we are to replace the ceiling tiles. This message is being shared with LIS and Facilities.

Summer Student Workers - We shared which students will be working for us within User Services this summer. We are still seeking additional students.

Fall Student Workers - We briefly discussed student workers for fall and that we are to begin completing the Student Work Authorization Form, with due date of mid May.

LIS Council Notes - The notes from the most recent LIS Council meeting were reviewed and particular items discussed in more detail.

Categories for kbox - The categories and subcategories within kbox will be changing to provide better reporting and therefore understanding of the types of questions coming to LIS.