Notes from LIS Council - 4/2/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • Marcia showed statistics of KBOX work orders for Software Development comparing the past 4 years. Colleague requests are down this year compared to previous years signalling increased stability.
      • Katie requests are increasing year after year. We reasoned about what might be causing that. We believe Katie usage by faculty is up and with that comes support. With more usage, any bugs, glitches or outages impact more faculty and students leading to support calls as well. The importance of stability and availability grows with successful usage.
      • We observed that many Reason tickets are now recorded in Web Content Requests queue within the KBOX. Also, Reason project work is recorded in PivitolTracker a tool used in support of the “agile” development process being used in the Reason context.
      • We discussed how we might view support satisfaction for solutions we acquire via software as a service (SaaS). Examples include Slate, AudienceView, Medicat, HireTouch, WMS where support requests go to the provider.
      • We wondered how Citrix support requests are being recorded. KBOX data does not match intuition on level of support being provided so we need to follow-up to understand.
      • We talked about the steps remaining to take down AdAstra. As long as it’s up we have have maintenance responsibility and associated risk.
    • Archives
      • Sasha shared statistics on reference requests. They have increased substantially over the past few months and we believe it is not due to granularity in approach to information recording but rather increased interest and use.
      • Sasha showed a high level diagram of the archives workflows and discussed some process changes that together with focus by work study students and Sarah will lead to eliminating the 300 foot backlog over the course of the summer. The accessions backlog is about 50% complete.
      • Sasha is working on compiling a list of high value items to begin a discussion about whether some items in the the collection should be insured like art is insured. Our current archives insurance focuses on recovery and restoration in the face of disaster.
      • Approximately 300 linear feet of new shelving has been ordered in anticipation of the processing backlog and new materials coming to the archives.
      • Sarah has been working travel logistics for Archives Leadership Institute (ALI) participants that will come to Luther this summer.
      • Conversations with UNI are being held to revisit and capture long term plans in support of the Postville project and associated materials
  • New Items
    • Security Project
      • We are working to put together a security project leveraging a security consultant to help us make the transition from LDAP to Active Directory. The tentative date is 4/28 for a day long kickoff workshop.
    • Katie Support
      • We briefly discussed the need for additional support capacity for Katie as its usage grows and our dependence on it increases. The idea of creating a Katie Learning Community was put on the table. Further discussion is planned
    • Server Room Door Lock
      • Adam shared he is looking at options for a server room door lock that can work effectively given the difference in air pressure between inside and outside the machine room.

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