Notes from LIS Council - 3/12/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • User Services
    • Luther’s trial ends 3/18/14. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to use the software prior to that date and provide feedback as to whether or not Luther should subscribe to the software. Visit from a computer on campus to create your profile and try it out.
    • Diane shared usage of Qualtrics survey software to date. This is a campus wide investment LIS made on behalf of the campus last year with an eye towards providing a high quality alternative to many independent subscriptions to alternatives such as SurveyMonkey. 481 surveys have been created by 76 users. There are 132 users configured in the system. 6339 auditable survey responses have been collected. If you are using an alternative that you pay for we would encourage a conversation to see if Qualtics can work you and you can save that money for other important departmental work.
    • A new function has been created to notify students when their GoPrint quotas are low. We want students to have time to get to financial services to add money if they are running out and have critical printing needs coming up. Notification of low balances in student GoPrint quotas is live to LIS only at this point. Once final testing is complete, it will be live to the student population.
    • The Safety & Security camera vendor contract has been signed and the camera and management server and software will be installed this spring. This project will install approximately 26 cameras many of which will provide coverage of entrances to residence halls and other high use and exposure areas
    • Reminder of the Digital Media Center Open House 3/18, 3-5 pm, on the lower level of Preus Library for all faculty, staff, and students. Faculty, students and staff are encouraged to attend.
    • On-Campus interviews are being scheduled for the Multimedia Specialist position.  
  • New Items
    • Software Solution Idea for On-demand Video Delivery and Workflow
      • Pomona College has made an Offer of Expertise for the CLAC Mindshare Program for their in house software solution and workflow system for the on-demand delivery of video content for academic courses. The system is called Video47. There is interest in learning more about the option and we will create a team to contact Pomona College to learn more.
    • PCI 3.0
      • We anticipate that the Payment Card Industry standard 3.0 will change the requirements on our network, systems and management processes.  The expectations will be coming on line in 2014 and we expect will be enforced in 2015. Payment processing vendors charge us penalties if we do not meet their standards until we do. Currently we are dealing with a case that requires our Point of Sale (POS) system to be isolated on our network due to a change in interpretation of the current standard. Next step is for Paul, Marcia, Adam, and Chuck to have a conversation to see how we can assess the standard, enumerate the changes, estimate the costs and create and schedule implementation plans. Marcia to schedule the initial conversation.
    • Data Science Proposal Idea
      • David Ranum and Brad Miller from the Computer Science department joined the LIS Council and some faculty librarians to discuss what contribution LIST could make to the idea. The CS department is currently reviewing their curriculum. During that process, they realized there are some skills courses that would be good for others that are non-CS majors to know (e.g. database structures) that CS could package into 2 credit courses with few prerequisites. Other departments could build on this set of data science courses if they wanted. An example could be Biology for Bioinformatics or English with digital humanities.These would be required for their CS major, but might be useful for other majors on campus. Through the conversations, they realized there may be need/interest in a data science program which is happening at larger institutions, but isn’t yet at smaller schools. They have been talking with departments on campus, seeking partners.
  • Returning Items
    • Work Study Students
      • We reviewed the budget for the 2014-15 academic year and the number of student workers to be hired for each LIS team for this summer. Demand for student workers across the year exceeds available funds by a small amount. We will carefully manage both the numbers of students and their hours to take full advantage of the benefits to students and the college when students engage in resume worthy LIS work. Current models show we need to reduce our plans by approximately $5,000 to balance that annual LIS work study budget.

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