Notes from LIS Council - 02/19/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • Marcia shared updates from her team.
      • The Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges (CLAC) Mindshare ImageNow event is set for April 28-30.
      • The Admissions placement test site is live in KATIE, and will be shared with prospective students soon.
      • The recently added “Courses Block” that has been added to KATIE has received some good feedback.
      • Bob is working with the Dean’s office (specifically Jeff Wilkerson) to share information about the KATIE “Learning Analytics” project. One thought is to share information at the Spring Division Meetings.
      • Discussion are being held on the next steps for document imaging with Alumni/Development. Conversations are also continuing with the Education Department.
      • The SQL Migration project is progressing and still working to identify a possible schedule.
    • Library
      • Information on Paideia instructions sessions was shared including dates instructors and librarians have agreed to for research sessions and which spaces within Preus are being used for the sessions. Use of the “curriculum room” is very low and the issue is a need for much larger projection for a whole Paideia class trying to follow research tool usage. The furniture is also presents difficulties reconfiguration and moving it around.
      • There was a discussion of traffic at Research Help Desk.
      • Statistics for overall library instruction was shared.
  • New Items
    • LIS General
      • The Council suggested moving the LIS General to 3/12. We discussed a number of potential topics for sharing across the team. As we get closer we will set an agenda.
    • Luther’s Internet Connections
      • Paul and Adam reported plans are progressing for us to increase our Internet bandwidth substantially by leveraging our role and investment in the Decorah Metronet (DMN). Concerns were raised about additional bottlenecks this might reveal.The DMN Board is evaluating options and contracts.
    • Proposed Server Network Interruption
      • Adam is planning to make some changes targeting early morning on February 27, 2014. The goal is to change the Internet addressing on one subnet to be Luther addresses instead of a vendor’s address space.
    • PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry)
      • Separation of Point of Sale (POS) devices from the rest of our network is now a requirement for compliance. Quarterly internal scans of the POS machines are also required. The scanning will be done by a client from Trustwave that we need to install and enable. The time frame for completing this work is 6-8 weeks.
    • Indoor track meet 2/28 and 3/1
      • Adam has received new requirements for the network to support equipment needed for an indoor track meet. Adam is meeting Thursday to learn more about needs
    • Windows XP
      • End of support for Windows XP is April 8, 2014.  After that security patches will no longer be created. Windows XP machines will no longer be able to pass “up to date with patching” tests to register for network access. User services will contact staff with college owned machines. Bob E. will update the boxes associated with the TV signage. In general we will not allow XP devices on our network after April, 8, 2014. We will do risk assessments on exceptions.

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