Notes from LIS Council - 01/29/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • During months with a 5th Wednesday there are no operational reports.
  • New Items
    • Password Management and Active Directory
      • Chris Stuckman updated us on progress and plans to provide a solution to self-service updating of Active Directory (AD) passwords. He demonstrated a prototype based on an open source solution. As solutions that use AD for authentication are added to the portfolio the need grows for an self-service solution for users to change and reset their own passwords.
    • Wireless Controller Software Upgrade
      • We reviewed the proposed announcement for the work planned for Saturday morning. Adam/HelpDesk will schedule ‘alert’ for the LIS site.
    • Library Building Keying
      • We discussed plans to re-core the library and distribute keys to holders.This is necessary due to a misplaced key
    • Color Printer Update.
      • The projects associated with library color printing have been completed. Communication continues through a number of channels.
    • eMail Security
      • We discussed some recent Phishing and suspicious login activity.
  • Returning Items
    • Budget Analysis
      • We briefly discussed requests by budget managers to finalize their encumbering for the year for periodic/annual expenditures.  Next we will look at remainders and options for LIS purchases prior to fiscal year end.
    • LIS General Feb. 5 Agenda
      • We agreed to use the next LIS General to update one another on our mid-year LIS Objectives progress.  Paul will send out a note to the team.

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