Notes from LIS Council - 01/22/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Network & Systems
      • Adam shared wireless stats from the time during the Dorian concert 1/13/14. We could see what looks like the request to silence devices and it appeared there were about 200 connections that remained after that.
      • Adam also shared Google Apps stats: Calendar user activity, Docs user activity, Docs collaboration, Docs by type, Access by mobile devices.  The provide a view into degree of document sharing and collaboration and frequency of calendar use.
      • An update was provided on the project to research and propose a solution to wireless for the Towers. We need to take some action over the summer. One potential approach is based on using fibre cabling with passive optical protocols which shares fibre but can provide high speed connections to the rooms; a cable per floor. The fibre would be envisioned to share the Coax cable TV conduit and would include copper to provide power at the termination point. The termination point would be ONTs (Optical Network Terminal) that would provide pluggable network connections. To one of the connections with “Power Over Ethernet” a hub would be provide that would serve 1-3 rooms.
    • User Services
      • Diane shared numbers of work orders per category for the last 3 years.
      • Many hardware related work order numbers relate to new workstation installations that are a part of the periodic departmental computer roll.
      • Multimedia numbers are growing, especially with regards to equipment checkouts, KATIE media conversions for streaming, classroom “repairs”, and AV set ups.
      • The new color copier for the library has arrived and is being installed and configured. Users can print from OPACs in black and white as before. Currently the team is working to get color printing from lab computers to the new color copier from Macs. The coin operation is charging money accurately.  Jeff will update pricing stickers on the machines to add printing 25¢ color copying & printing. Communication has been sent to emeriti professors and SASC/SSS regarding printing changes.  When the installation and configuration is complete lab machines will enable printing to the coin operated machine.  The existing printer will move to technical services area. LIS employees in the library will be set up to print to that machine from their work computers.  The first group of LIS users have been trained.
  • New Items
    • Emergency Plan Update
      • We discussed needs to update the plan document.  A thorough review was suggested. Example changes include updating contacts due to staffing changes, application changes. Scheduling and project leadership for the project is TBD.  We also discussed approaches to accommodate differences between Drupal and Reason for the shared Norse Doc version which provides access in the case the Reason site is down or not accessible.
    • Breakfast with Nicholas Carr
      • We discussed LIS team member participation in a planned breakfast with Convocation speaker Nicholas Carr on Friday, February 7th.  Supervisors are submitting candidate names. Invitations will come from Campus Programming.
    • New Sign-in Page for Norse Apps
      • Google is changing how sign-in is done and how it will look. An LIS blog post will be created to document the change. The new page will be Google branded and it will require Norse Apps users to key in their full email id, e.g.  The Technology Help Desk will be ready to handle questions. If it presents unexpected difficulty for users more communication will be planned.
  • Returning Items
    • Training Database Trial
      • LIS will sponsor a campus wide trial for the on-line training package.   The target is mid-February to mid-March.  The plan is to send out invites to those we think are interested and collect feedback on experience.  See Diane Gossman if you want to be involved with the trial.  The goal is to assess the value and utility of the offering.
    • Upcoming LIS Publications/Documentation
      • We discussed how to develop a “What’s New from LIS” for the Spring Semester.  We also talked about gathering mid-year input and progress on our 2013/2014 LIS Objectives.
    • Budget Planning for Remainder of Fiscal Year
      • We will begin making expense forecasts for the remainder of the year. In the next week budget directors are to finalize encumbering of periodic expenses that will be in this fiscal year. The next step will be estimating the remaining expenses to identify budget areas for adjustments or available funds. Get information to Patty by email.

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