Notes from LIS Council - 01/15/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • Marcia provided an update on the new room scheduling system based on Norse/Google calendaring. It went live Friday (1/10/14.) The campus room calendar information is now in a series of Google calendars and is a work in progress. Paul recommends a stakeholder list be created and feedback solicited to provide input for further tuning the solution. Marcia pointed out that the Google API has changed and there will need to be an upgrade in the future. We discussed the API changes may require updates for Katie and for the programs that interface with LDAP.
      • Marcia updated the LIS Council on the Alum/Dev document imaging project. Perceptive Software has transitioned the implementation into their support channel. There will be some additional project based time when they load the remaining backfile (LEK0) which are not ready to be scanned; scheduling for this is pending. Alumni and Development are beginning to use the new software and support work orders are beginning to arrive. This is a necessary step on the path to deployment and adoption. A meeting was held the end of last week that identified issues. Conversations will continue to be held between Software Development and Alumni and Development to work through the issues and the new workflow.
      • The next step on the Education document imaging project is to review the Ricoh quote with Education on Friday. Once that is signed scheduling can be done for Education files. The second batch of Alumni and Development files will be returned on the same trip that the Education files are picked up.
      • At the recent CLAMP (Moodle) HackDoc, Bob Puffer presented information on the integrated gradebook and learning analytics. Both presentations were well received. Kenyon and Eckerd signalled they want to join the development.
      • Effort is going into simplifying the New Employee Setup (NESU) Software questions and eliminating references to AdAstra.
      • Jean ran a test migration to create a new SQL server test environment last weekend.
    • Library
      • Ryan shared instruction statistics, noting that he may not be reporting in the same fashion that Andi reports.
      • A new electronic collaborative approach is being piloted for collection development sharing “Choice” cards for reference materials in a shared Norse doc. Ryan shared Andi has shared the concept with Music.
      • Librarians are scheduling Paideia research instruction meetings with instructors and preparing topic guides.
      • A request has been received from Religion on advice for faculty to inventory their office book inventories. Approaches are being investigated.
      • The WMS update was for December had issues. WMS success is important to us and we need to have a discussion with OCLC to communication expectations and issues to their QA team.
  • New Items
    • Norse Doc Sharing When Employees Leave
      • Individuals who have shared docs, need to unshare them with those who retain their accounts after they leave Luther. Important Luther Docs need to be kept in the department or with Archives.
    • Budget Planning for Remainder of Fiscal Year
      • We will begin making expense forecasts for the remainder of the year. In the next two weeks look at those periodic expenses that will be in this fiscal year and have Patty encumber them. The next step will be estimating the remaining expenses to identify budget areas for adjustments or available funds. Get information to Patty by email.
    • Active Directory Project Status
      • We discussed the status of this project. Paul suggests pulling the stakeholders together to determine the dependencies and tasks involved so we can get a sense of the work yet to go. Then we can put on a schedule.
    • Admissions GuideBook
      • Diane shared it is time to update LIS related sections. Changes due back to Admissions by February 3.

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