Notes from LIS Council - 01/08/14

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Network & Systems
      • Adam showed a graph of our internet traffic that included the ICN outage time that occurred 12/13/2013 from 4pm-11am due to a cut cable. The graph showed traffic saturating our two remaining providers. This is evidence of the need for increased bandwidth so that in the face of a single failure we have enough bandwidth to continue operations at close to demanded levels vs. getting along with about ½ of needed bandwidth. We also reviewed a graph from the first week of January that showed we have a total of 6060 registered hosts on our network. So far in January our peak wireless device usage is 3300 devices.  Adam continues to look at options for towers wireless and he reported on a passive optical networking solution.  The challenge with this approach is finding an attractive (looks, price, maturity, functionality) terminating device to put into the rooms. The advantages of this approach are the possibility of using the conduit associated with the TV cable and much higher bandwidth to towers rooms.
    • User Services
      • Gusday is January 17th at St. Kate’s. We discussed who is planning and considering attending.
      • The Security Camera project team continues to meet and is approaching a recommendation on video monitoring software. Four cameras have been received to begin testing in desired locations.
      • Google now supports a Mail Merge with a spreadsheet. A template spreadsheet is available. Contact LIS Technology Help Desk with questions.
      • The Multimedia Lab is open. The computers from Preus main level have been moved to the new lab. The Multimedia Studio is being outfitted. Availability is planned for Spring semester. Access will be through Matt Baumann. A proposal for next investment steps for 2014-2015 is being developed.
      • A demo was held of an online training package.  We discussed both a 1 month trial possibility and a template for how to analyze the value and affordability.
      • Diane outlined a set of short term and longer term actions concerning Group Study Rooms. Main floor rooms now have computers with the lab image. A study room on the lower floor has a complement of AV equipment. The goal of these actions is to take pressure off main level rooms by spreading the demand to other floors.
      • The Digital Media Center and Active/Quiet Zone signage is expect to come next week
  • New Items
    • Web Serving from H Drive
      • A case has been discovered of active and complex web pages currently being hosted from the H drive web servers that may not be easily migrated to Reason. Web serving from H Drive represents a risk. A sub-team will work on an developing further understanding and appropriate alternatives.
    • Norse Doc Sharing When Employees Leave
      • We discussed how to manage access control of shared Norse Docs when employees leave but retain their Norse Apps account for other reasons.
  • Returning Items
    • Education Department Document Imaging Update
      • We discussed re-establishing ongoing project management with the Education Dept. and who our faculty department co-leader should be.
    • Wireless Network Support for February Board of Regents Meeting on Feb 21-22
      • An LIS subteam of Adam, Carsten, Diane, and Paul need to meet with Karen Martin-Schramm in early February to discuss options and finalize plan specifics. We intend to propose a conference event id approach in addition to providing a face to face session to support connecting. We will encourage remote registration as well.

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