Notes from LIS Council - 12/11/13

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Network and Systems
      • A wireless vendor conducted a survey yesterday (Tuesday, December 10) in towers. Data was collected. Analysis will be done and a report will be provided to Luther in a week or two. This is a potential long term solution for improved wireless performance.
      • The team is investigating Passive Optical Networking as another long term possibility for towers wireless performance improvement, which would include running fiber to every room. This option consists of one pair in for 32 pairs out which could result in all fiber running back to one central location.
      • A camera vendor meeting was held this morning (Wednesday, December 11) to share anticipated locations for the cameras and receive a quote from them.
      • We discussed the best date for an upgrade to the Network Sentry and vendor availability.  The target is 12/23 fi the vendor is available. The upgrade will bring our version of the software to current and provided additional functionality that we may find useful from an infrastructure perspective.
    • User Services
      • Diane shared that we have begun the requisition process for a new FTE to help support the growing need for multimedia on campus and the Digital Media Center currently under construction.
      • In terms of student staffing, we are hiring 7 Help Desk student workers and 4 Multimedia student workers to begin in J-Term to fill currently open positions and provide support when our seniors graduate in May.
      • Following up on the Olin sprinkler flood from Thanksgiving weekend, LIS is developing an inventory of technology potentially impacted and logging hours spent on the project.
      • In terms of Olin classrooms, we have planned work in Olin 207 and 208 for J-Term. Given the fact that the sprinkler flood also impacted Olin 209, LIS would prefer changes be made in Olin 209 now as well. In addition, Olin 113 changes are in conversation for summer 2014.
      • We discussed the User Services Meeting Notes from 12/2/13. The upcoming H Drive Changes were reviewed, noting that faculty websites will remain active.
    • New Items
      • We discussed the webinar “Learning Better as a Team” which most of LIS Council attended on Monday.

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