Notes from LIS Council - 12/04/13

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Archive
      • Rachel shared monthly use of the archives for October and November which shows an increase from the same time in 2012. Many patrons requests can be handled in 30 minutes or less.
      • The second State of Iowa Historical Development Resource Program (HDRP) grant for the Postville project is complete. The third grant which will re-design the website is underway. Sarah presented information at the recent faculty research symposium.
      • A more recently submitted but unfunded Institute of Museum and Library Studies (IMLS) grant proposal has received encouragement to address identified concerns and to resubmit.   
      • The Archives Leadership Institute (ALI) is accepting applications for attendees.  One of the faculty members that was not able to continue this next summer has been replaced.  A case study on the ALI program has been contributed to a book on archival program management.  With Rachel’s resignation, Sasha will be the project director at Luther and Rachel will continue to contribute leadership from Berea.
      • 35 of 36 offices on campus have been visited as part of a records management review project with the remaining visit planned for this week. The next steps are to update the records retention schedule organized by offices and to create the records liaison officer communication plan.  Rachel wants to complete this work prior to leaving.  Future work would include visits with faculty departments.
      • The workflow development continues for the education department document imaging project.  For the alumni and development office project the second set of LEK files have been scanned and are available within the the new solution.  The date for the physical return has not been set.  The desire is to return them on the same trip that picks up the final alumni and development office data and the the education department data.
      • A video documentary of the 1936 international band tour has been created.  It was premiered in Valders 206 on November 22nd.  Approximately 50 people attended and there is interest it sharing it with the concert band during finals.
    • Software Development
      • Marcia called attention to the project updates in the LIS group posting for this week. Ben continues to meet with Doug and Susan to plan the roll-out for the Google based calendar and scheduling solution. Support for Adastra ends at the end of December. Discussion centered on key elements of the roll-out beyond the availability of the code including testing, communication, training of Technology Help Desk and training of end users and development of supporting documentation.
      • Kbox tickets are running slightly ahead of 2012.  Most question growth falls in the KATIE category.  Conversation focused on potential motivations for the observed KATIE ticket growth.
  • New Items
    • Archives IT Systems
      • We had a brief discussion about transition responsibilities for IT systems associated with the archives.
    • Towers Wireless
      • Adam shared plans for another wireless vendor to visit campus to propose wireless solutions for towers.
    • Conversation with Development Office
      • We discussed how we might prepare for conversations the development office wants to have with the Library and Information Studies Department as well as LIS.  The conversations will center on funding needs we envision going into the future to support the Luther College mission from the point of view of the organizations.

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