Notes from LIS Council - 11/13/13

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Network and Systems
      • Adam presented data on the total number of devices among students and the total number of devices per student. There are 2.2 devices per student on average at Luther College. The numbers across campus residential buildings are pretty consistent. In towers, where there is only wireless support, the average is 2.4 devices per student. In towers we see a peak of about 1000 wireless devices online simultaneously out of 1700+ devices registered to those that live in towers. The interference between all these devices is leading to performance degradation. Adam is leading putting together a communication to towers residents on concerns about wireless performance, what actions are underway and what students can do to improve the overall situation.
    • User Services
      • Diane shared an estimate of counts of students using extended library hours. The counts, based on gate counts at midnight and 1 am are not exact, but give a sense of the usage. It looks like 20-40 daily students use the extended hours. The operation seems to be working well at this point. There is capacity for well over a 100 on the main floor.
      • A reporter for Chips student newspaper inquired about the streaming of concerts at Luther College. Diane worked with Matt Baumann, Eric Ellingsen and Rob Larson to respond to the reports questions.
      • LIS received input suggesting we replace a printer in Jenson-Noble. The User Services team will follow up/investigate the concerns and make a recommendation.
      • LIS did some work in towers to insure the labs are operational so students have a working alternative to mitigate wireless performance.
      • Digital Media Center construction is progressing slowly based on need for conduit. The big desk will be moved into position soon.
  • New Items
    • Blogging Guidelines
      • We discussed the presentation Tabita had given at LIS general.  Ryan and Diane have leveraged Tabita’s input and incorporated those guidelines into the LIS communication guidelines. Andi suggested we add a list of terminology to use on a consistent basis across our LIS blog posts.
    • Rachel Vagt’s Announcement
      • Rachel shared more about her new position and we began to enumerate work that we need to prepare for now to cover and handle during the transition.
    • Library Signage
      • We have received a quote for new library signage for active and quiet zones.
    • Computer Based Training
      • We discussed the computer based training package that we currently subscribe to and an alternative. More investigation is required to understand the quality, scope and value of the packages and model potential usage by various groups to evaluate the costs.
  • Returning Items
    • Education Document Imaging Project
      • Rachel shared the workflow has been created. We discussed the need to check the planned roll out timeline with the dependency for upgraded workstations and/or Citrix support.  Rachel has begun conversations with Jay U. on how to disposition the paper files for both the alumni/development projects and the education projects. We also discussed the idea of pulling some of the paper files into the college archive and the timing for that selection.

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