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Notes from LIS Council - 11/6/13

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Software Development
      • No report
    • Archives
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  • New Items
    • Upcoming LISAAC Meeting on 11/22
      • We discussed a number of topics for which we would like to engage the LIS Academic Advisor Committee. Ideas for topics should go to Paul..
    • Google Helpouts
      • We discussed the concept and how it might be leveraged at Luther. Adam was to investigate if/how we might do experimentation.
    • Digitization of Learning
      • Brad Miller and Andy Hageman came and shared their thoughts on the recent Board of Regents workshop centered on the five disruptors.  Brad and Andy told their stories on using information technology in the classroom.  Brad talked about his use of on-line lectures to supplement his iOS programming class.  Andy shared use of technology to enable “distant” reading.  They shared the board members they worked with were fully engaged and they were encouraged by the level of engagement and consideration for new ideas.
    • Metronet Update
      • We looked at an article that was in a Decorah on-line paper and discussed the opportunities the Metronet enables for us.  Access to Internet bandwidth is a key early use exploration area.  Enhancing our posture with respect to business continuity is a second possibility.