Notes from LIS Council - 10/30/13

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • As a fifth Wednesday there were no scheduled operational reports. However, Andi shared an update on library engagements.  Largely due to the Paideia open unit being later in the semester they are down year to year and the statistic is expected to right itself by next month. There were several new faculty who requested instruction; one new course; and two members of our LIS Summer workshop who asked for instruction for their Paideia 450 course.
  • New Items
    • Password Management
      • We discussed how to help people manage their important passwords, e.g. within OFS, in secure ways.  Ryan will put together some instruction/training on using a tools such as KeePass password keeper like we use within LIS.
    • Synergyse Google Apps Interactive Training
      • Diane demonstrated Synergyse. The training is based on a cross platform plugin that is embedded within the context of Google mail, documents and calendar applications. It looked promising.  We agreed that it is not likely that it would get enough use by the community to justify its cost at this point.  Some concerns were raised on how the tool could stay current with changes Google makes.
    • Xirrus Visit to Work on Wireless Performance in Towers
      • Five people visited on Tuesday to do detailed analysis on device connectivity and wireless network performance in towers. Several rooms were sampled for signal strength with a number of different devices. They will analyze the data and get back to Adam with recommendations. One recommendation that was reiterated was turning off the 802.11b protocol. This will likely disable usage of wireless Wii devices. Paul suggested that this tradeoff may be required to get performance sufficient for doing academic work from towers dorms.
    • OpenDNS
      • We currently use OpenDNS as one tool to protect our network. OpenDNS maintains a list of malicious sites and blocks access to them when a user tries to access them through the service. Our contract is up for reconsideration. We discussed ways to evaluate the offering to inform decision making.
    • LIS General Planning
      • We discussed agenda ideas for next week’s LIS General.
    • LIS Summer Faculty Workshop Brown Bags
      • Update session by faculty that attended the LIS Summer Workshop are scheduled for Nov. 19, 20, and 21. Publicity will be forthcoming in Tuesday, DeaNotes, LIS blog, and calendar event listing. Summer workshop participants will be available for conversation about their projects and the work they have been doing since the workshop. LIS team members (and others) are also welcome to attend.
    • IPAL Directors Meeting
      • Paul shared photos from the IPAL Directors Meeting that was held at Northwestern College. Northwestern College donated their custom-built Research Help Desk that we’ll be using in our new Multimedia Lab on the lower floor of the library. They moved to a new Learning Commons in August.
    • Visit for Project DAVID
      • Ann Hill Duin and Eric Childers came to campus Wednesday. They are working on an open access eBook for higher education and are coming to campus to ask questions to incorporate material into their new eBook.
    • Digitization of Learning
      • Brad Miller and Andy Hageman will join LIS Council, perhaps at the next meeting, to share information from the recent Board of Regents Workshop.
  • Returning Items
    • Invitation for TWILIS Headlines
      • LIS members are encouraged to write and/or share stories of  student/faculty success and/or innovation working with LIS.  Stories are a great way to provide examples, inspire additional ideas, etc.  Paul also mentioned that it would be great to feature LIS team blog posts as headlines that capture achievements, breakthroughs, results of experiments or pilots, milestones, etc.  Guest headlines are welcome and encouraged - talk to Paul.

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