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Notes from LIS Council - 10/23/13

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Network & Systems
      • No report this week.
    • User Services
      • Diane reviewed analysis of student lab printing expense increases over the last two years fiscal years.  There are a number of drivers including increases in “click” changes LIS pays on behalf of student printing, introduction of color printing in the library, additional printers available provided by LIS, and increases in the volume of student printing.  Further investigation continues on the path to developing proposals on how to manage these cost increases.
      • Diane shared that extended library hours will begin tonight.  The main floor of the library will remain open as a study space without services until 1 a.m.   Three security students have been staffed and trained and will cover the extended study hours.
  • New Items
    • Video Surveillance Project
      • We discussed the video surveillance project that Bob Harri is leading and the various LIS implications including possible application level integration, server for management application support, network support, wiring and power, vendors and timetables.  Paul agreed to talk to Bob H. about getting all of the stakeholders within LIS together to share information and clarify leadership and interfaces into LIS.  Marcia discussed the value of integrating the camera management with the door management system.  Paul agreed to reach out to Bob Harri to discuss getting an interlock meeting with LIS on the calendar.
    • Emergency Procedures
      • We reviewed the conversation from the staff meetings on how to prepare for and perform in the case of an emergency.  Marcia discussed testing of the emergency communication system.  We also discussed the LIS emergency plan and the possibility of a broader discussion at an LIS General on reviewing and updating.
  • Returning Items
    • No report this week.