Notes from LIS Council - 09/25/13

    • LIS Operational Agenda
      • Network Systems Operational Metrics
        • Adam shared current information regarding registered hosts. We have 5400 registered devices as of 9/25/13 and there were 5700 at the end of last year. Adam expects to have more than last year soon.  After 65 days of inactivity on Luther’s network, a device becomes unregistered so although the numbers are additive, devices that just visited or have been retired, age out of the metric.
        • There are over 2,522 “rogue” devices that have been detected on Luther’s network (devices that are/attempted to connect to our network somehow, but not registered in Campus Manager). These are not thought to cause problems with our network.  Many represent visitors.
        • Total wireless connections are peaking at approximately 4,500 around noon and chapel time.
        • iOS 7 was released 9/18/13 and we didn’t see an extraordinary increase in traffic on that day or since in terms of bandwidth or a negative impact on our network performance; other institutions have noticed issues. However, we did notice an increase in Akamai Server activity so that caching device served us well for that capacity spike.
        • There was a handwritten note delivered to Myles Coulter, Towers Hall Director, that was signed by 20+ students who expressed their dissatisfaction with wireless internet performance in Towers. Of the names, most are housed in Dieseth and one room in Miller was also mentioned.  We will respond with actions and follow up to diagnose and mitigate problems they are experiencing.
      • User Services
        • Diane reported that Dynamic Recycling is in Iowa this week and will pick up 5 pallets of retired equipment from LIS during their trip.
        • Kbox has made available an app for mobile devices targeted for administrators.  Some in LIS have access to test this app on our system which has been available as of last Thursday.  We imagine value in having more conveniently structured information from Kbox when out and about on campus doing LIS work.
        • Labstats also have a mobile app that is now live at as of 9/12/13. Labstats provides information on the usage and availability of the workstations in our labs on campus.
        • Workstation rollouts/refreshes are underway for Alumni, Development, and Admissions.
        • Preparations are underway to support homecoming registration in the Union, events around campus, and a limited number of events off campus.
        • 8 new Multimedia Technician student workers have been hired and training is in progress.
        • The proposal for workstations for CFA 118 for 2D and 3D work, which in turn makes 11 Mac Pros available for the new Multimedia Lab are awaiting funding. Until then we will have 3 Mac Pros in the new Multimedia Lab when it opens and 11 Mac Pros in the CFA 118 Lab. Funding options are being explored.
        • We are awaiting word from Campus Safety & Security on just when the Library Extended Hours will begin.
        • We are working through signage for new spaces. We are also determining the format, location, and holders for active/quiet zone signage.
        • The OCLC WMS Materials Booking feature is now active and we are using this new WMS functionality at Circulation.  
        • We have updated the “Did You Knows…” and bulletins on the Digital Sign. We are also seeking input for Tips of the Week.
        • We had a successful Family Weekend Treats and Treasure Hunt. Banned Books Week activities are in progress. Homecoming activities are around the corner.
        • Construction continues on the new Digital Media Center. The Multimedia Lab and Multimedia Studio are on the lower floor of the library.
        • Diane and Andi also shared metrics on training and instruction statistics from 2010 through current that integrate the engagements from library and user services.
    • New Items
      • Budget Adjustments
        • We are going through a process of verifying budget adjustments occurring in this year’s budget negotiated in the last fiscal year with a focus on changes approved for increases in non-discretionary spending.
      • Wireless Device Interference
        • We discussed the implications and consequences of wireless devices that groups around campus wish to use that would interfere with or would be interfered by our wireless campus network.  It is important to select wireless devices that do not interfere with the campus wide wireless infrastructure.  LIS can help make compatible choices.
    • Returning Items
      • EduCause CORE Data Survey
        • The survey is due Friday, September 27. Modules 1, 2, 3, and 8 have been completed. Paul and Patty are working on fine tuning the numbers for module 1 which is the required module.
      • New Systems & Services Message
        • Work is in progress to complete the content for this message to be sent to the campus community. Target is to have content identified by Wednesday, October 9th. This will be on the LIS Council agenda for that day.

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