Welcome - An Introduction to LIS Services

Whether you are an incoming student, new member of Luther’s faculty, or joining Luther’s staff, Library and Information Services (LIS) welcomes you to the Luther community and seeks to provide you the information services you need to best accomplish your work here. LIS is a merged information services organization, supporting all information needs of the campus from academic research collections and expertise to enterprise data management (and everything in-between). In short, LIS supports the library, computers, telephones, networks, and software for the campus.

To welcome new community members, LIS has prepared brief guides to LIS services offering a brief overview of the most important things someone new should know. These guides do not provide all the information about our services, and are intended to answer frequently-asked questions while referring new users back to the LIS website for complete information and documentation.

Printed copies of these guides are available from LIS service points in Preus Library, or are available for download from the website. We welcome your feedback and thoughts on how to improve these resources.