Website Usability Updates

A chronological listing of changes and updates to the library website, as a result of usability testing interviews.

May 2009

  • Links rearranged in “About Preus Library” box.
  • Issues with individual resource “find-ability” to be addressed as part of subject guide project.
  • Language and naming options to be considered by library prof staff in Fall 2009.

March 2009

  • Grouped the resource lists into one box, under the title “Find Resources …” on the Library Research page.
  • Split links in center of the Library Research page into two boxes labeled “Quicklinks …” and “About Preus Library.”
  • Changed default text within Encore search box to read “Enter Keywords to Find Library Resources.”
  • Changed default text within Magnus search box to read “Enter Keywords to Search the Catalog.” (thanks to JG for the last two suggestions – slightly modified to fit within the boxes)

Jan 2009

  • Renamed instances of “LIS Blog” to “LIS News / Blog.”
  • Branded logins to Magnus and Illiad, “My.Library” and “My.Interlibrary loan.”
  • Adjusted the resource title of the Historical New York Times, so it would sort in alphabetical order next to the current NYT on the Newspaper Resources page.
  • Reworded Encore search box description to be more explicit about the materials being searched.
  • Renamed “List of Full Text Journals” link on Library Research page to “Full-Text E-Journals.”
  • Reconfigured LIS navigation menu by moving content from the old “Resources” category to new categories “Collections” and “Training & Instruction.”
  • Relabeled site “Search” button to “Search LIS.”