Summer 2014 Schedule


10pm-12:30am: Rock


7:00 am: "Footlight Parade"

8:00 am: Soundtracks/Jazz/Broadway

10:00 am: "Philosophy Talk"

11:00 am: "Bioneers"

11:30 am: World/Folk/Putamayo

12:30 pm: "Fiesta!"

1:30pm: Luther Ensembles

2:30pm: "Woodsong Old Time Radio"

3:30pm: Folk Rock

6:00pm "Bluegrass Review"

7:00pm: "Midnight Special"

9:00pm: Classic Rock

10:00pm: Rock

11:30pm Trevor's Hard Rock Show



7:00 am: "Christian Crusaders"

7:30 am: St. Benedict Catholic Church Mass (live)

*note: We have a three week rotation of the Lutheran Churches in Decorah. Listed are the times they are aired on KWLC, however only one will be aired each week. Listed after the church/start times are the programming that will be done before/after the church services based on which church we are airing that week*

8:30am: Decorah Lutheran         "Day 1"

9:00am: First Lutheran               "Sing for Joy"

9:30am Good Shephard              "Music and the Spoken Word"

11:00am: Classical Music

12:30pm: "Fiesta!"

1:30pm: Jazz

3:00pm "The Blues Story (airing from June 8th-July 13th)

3:30pm Blues

5:00pm Vinyl Vault

7:00pm "Jazzin' Around"

9:00pm Reggae/Ska

10:00pm Rock