Course Topics

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to theoretical perspectives and foundational principles of "thinking sociologically." Key concepts include: culture, inequality/poverty, deviance/crime, gender, social construction of reality, social change, and social structure.

SOC 290 Visual Sociology
In this course students will explore the theory and method of visual sociology and have the opportunity to pursue their own projects. As a group and individually, we will explore the social milieu from a visual perspective to answer such questions as: What does the visual world tell us about our society? What meaning and importance do we attach to the visual? What can we learn about human behavior by examining visual culture? Students will collect their own data, analyze it, and report their findings. Camera needed (of any type).

SOC 345 Race, Class, and Gender in Contemporary Society
An assessment of how race, class, and gender influence the attainment of societal honors, rewards, and power in the United States today. Similarities and differences in social structures and ideologies of modern society are emphasized for race, class, and gender.

SOC 358 Social Psychology
A study of the relationship between the individual and society and the interactions produced. Emphasis on research in the areas of self, identity, symbolic interaction, and social movements.

SOC/WGST 468 Seminar: Gender, Globalization, and Development
In this course we will examine the phenomena of globalization and development from a sociology of gender perspective. We will focus on the global intersections of contemporary societies and cultures, and the gendered dynamics therein. Questions we will raise include: How does globalization affect women's and men's lives? How is power distributed, and how does this impact development processes? What impact do gender dynamics play in the social institutions of development: economic, political, and cultural?