Greg Jesson

Greg Jesson has been a professor in the Philosophy department since 2010, focusing on the topics epistemology, philosophy of mind, and phenomenology. Some of his course topics include an Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy Through Film, and the Philosophy of the Mind. 

Professor Jesson is also the head of Center of Ethics and Public life. In that capacity he implements the center's programming initiatives, oversees the First-Year Immersion programs and participation in the Lutheran College Washington Semester. He also works with faculty teaching Global Citizenship, a course designed for students returning from study abroad.

Personal Statement on Philosophy

Nothing is engaging the same way as philosophy, because only it rigorously examines the ultimate questions of life: What is the nature of reality? What can be known? What does it mean to be a good person? As Plato put it, philosophy seeks to get to the truth of the way things are, and without truth, life inevitably entangles us in endlessly complex and heartbreaking problems that are beyond solutions. People often ask what one can do with a philosophy major. The answer is simplicity itself: "Anything you want," because by studying philosophy one learns how to approach difficult problems that do not come with a built-in road map. This is the most practical thing in the world.