Video Gallery

  • J-Term, Luther College & Beyond

    January Term at Luther College offers a variety of opportunities on campus, across the country, and abroad.

  • Harley Refsal on Craft in America

    Luther College Professor Emeritus Harley Refsal will be featured on the 2013 holiday episode of CRAFT IN AMERICA on PBS. Harley will discuss his work with Scandinavian flat-plane woodcarving, and discuss his mission to promote and teach this traditional craft.

  • January Term Internship: Bryan Butel

    Bryan Butel's internship at the Gundersen Lutheran Hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

  • January Term Trip to Spain

    Luther College students take a J-Term trip to Spain in 2013.

  • Ecology of Ecuador

    This study abroad program was a hands-on learning experience for biology majors. The course consisted of learning about the ecology, evolution, and the natural history of the Amazon rainforest, cloudforest, and Galapagos Islands, along with the culture of Ecuador.

  • Listening Live J-Term Trip

    Students traveled to England and Scotland for January term to study different kinds of music from opera to Celtic folk music.

  • January Term Class: Stubborn Light

    Hear from Luther College students about the course offered on campus during J-Term.

  • January Term Internship: Bailey Cahlandar

    I worked this J-term in Minneapolis with my friend and mentor Sharra Frank! I created an internship with Luther College and was able to help Sharra with finishing a project for the St. Paul Children's hospital!

  • January Term in Hawaii

    Luther College students spend a month in Hawaii for January Term!

  • January Term in Tanzania

    Learn about Luther College's J-term program in Tanzania!

  • January Term in Germany

    During January, 18 Luther students went on a quest for sustainability in Germany!

  • January Term Internship: Brenna Gibbons

    Brenna Gibbons explains her biology internship at the Winneshiek Medical Center during J-term.

  • January Term in Ghana

    The 2012 January term trip to Ghana Africa. Full of education and culture. Take a look!

  • January Term in the Bahamas

    During January, students and faculty studied in the Bahamas. Check out the great experiences they had!