This Week in LIS - 11 April 2014

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Headline of the Week: “Hybrid Learning” and Learning Communities

For the last few months there have been many conversations in LIS about “learning communities.” The idea has been applied to many constituencies including LIS, students, and faculty groups. Most recently it has been leveraged in the context of Katie support. There is much discussion of “learning communities” in Reisner and Dempsey.

The idea of “hybrid learning” has also been a topic of many conversations. This week an interesting pair of blogs surfaced. The first sought to put some definition around the idea of “flipped learning.” That led to some extraordinary “conversation” in the comment thread that is well worth perusing. The second was a response to some of that conversation – also worth perusing.

Bob Puffer gathered some information that he shared with the Division meetings recently that captured the degree to which Katie is being utilized by faculty. Its use is growing both in volume and in sophistication. We in LIS are talking about how we can well support that growing and more sophisticated use. Formalizing a Katie learning community is an approach being discussed. Katie can play an important integrating role in “flipping.”

One way to “flip” learning includes leveraging media so information sharing can happen outside the classroom and classroom time can be used for rich interaction between students and faculty. At a recent meeting of the LIS team, Matt Baumann enumerated stories of how the new digital media center is being utilized. Some of the past usage of our media capacities has been in support of hybrid learning approaches. Our recent investments well position us to support use of media for “flipping.”

I want to encourage conversation about hybrid learning possibilities. It seems these approaches might complement and enhance the level of engagement with our students. When might it be useful? When would it be an inappropriate or ineffective approach? How is it done well? What have we learned from experience?

I would suggest that a perfect opportunity to engage would be the Summer 2014 Faculty Workshop "Enhancing Student Learning Through Information Literacy and Technology" co-sponsored by the Dean's Office and LIS. Applications are due May 5th.

Suggested Reading/Viewing/Listening:

LIS Summer Faculty Workshop Now Accepting Applications

“Toward a common definition of ‘flipped learning’ ” by Robert Talbert

“The problem is not the students” by Robert Talbert

Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology by Robert A. Reiser and John V. Dempsey


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