This Week in LIS - 4 April 2014

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Headline of the Week: Investing in Support for Instructional Design and Technology

For the last few months several within LIS have been having conversations that include the topic “instructional design.”  Reading this week has convinced me to update my language and use the term “instructional design and technology (IDT).” These conversations have been fueled by a number of exciting dynamics.

First we have seen growing use of technology in classrooms settings and we have seen growing use of Katie (our Moodle based learning management system) by our faculty and students. Substantial growth has been seen in the use of digital media in particular. Our response to that growth has been the investment in the Digital Media Center. This week we announced Ahmed Muaz will join LIS as a Multimedia Specialist after commencement. He will work with Matt Baumann, our multimedia lead. Additional work-study students will join them this fall. The DMC, our LIS multimedia staff and our work-study students will enable us to provide teaching and learning support for faculty and students using digital media.

Use of Katie has been growing as well. You can see in our LIS Council notes that we are working on solutions to provide quality support at the volume needed to meet this growth backed up by service points and the workflows to leverage the Technology Help Desk, the Software Development team and Librarians.

Rebecca Sullivan, Assistant Professor in Library and Information Studies, will, in the fall take on leadership of the Paideia Program as its new Director. In addition to teaching in the Paideia program and contributing as a member of the librarian team she has been a focal point for Instructional Technology in the classroom. We have been preparing a job description for a visiting faculty member to backfill Rebecca while she leads the Paideia program that includes Instructional Design as a key component.

Jennifer Rian, our Innovative Services Librarian stepped up to join those that support Katie last year when we moved to a new Katie version. She continues to provide Katie support. Next fall we hope to be able to increase the time the Innovative Services Librarian can allocate to IDT.

It is exciting to consider the consultative pedagogical support possibilities that can be provided by two librarians working together, each with some capacity for IDT, to support faculty - all backed up by the rest of LIS teams.

Suggested Reading/Viewing/Listening:

Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology by Robert A. Reiser and John V. Dempsey


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