This Week in LIS - 21 February 2014

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Headline of the Week: Remaking College – Innovation and the Liberal Arts

Preus has acquired a new book I have been reading the last couple weeks. It is a collection of essays submitted by distinguished leaders in higher education specifically associated with the liberal arts tradition.

Part III is entitled Knowledge, Learning and New Technologies. For a team like ours it is encouraging and insightful. I intend to make a list of the ideas and spend some time thinking about if, how and where they might apply to us or be applied by us.

Part IV has several essays on the theme of collaboration and partnership. There are several interesting examples of collaborations between schools that have existed for some time because of their geographical proximity. Networks and collaboration technologies open the aperture to partnerships that do not necessarily require being physically close. It seems like a good exercise to look at those patterns to see if the benefits currently being enjoyed could be made to work in a networked world. The “big pipes” that are part of our “Connected Learning Platform” might enable us to enjoy benefits that in the past were only possible for partners situated in the same location.

The insights from the technology section and the collaboration section alone are worth the read.  The rest will be bonus! I’ll soon return the book and encourage you to consider putting it on your reading list. If the waiting list gets long, we can look at getting another copy.

Suggested Reading/Viewing/Listening:

Remaking college : innovation and the liberal arts edited by Rebecca S. Chopp, Susan Frost and Daniel H. Weiss.


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