This Week in LIS - 06 December 2013

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Headline of the Week: IT Risk Posture Improvement – File System Access

A year ago this next month we contracted for a network penetration test. It took some time to make sense of the information we received. LIS team members chased scores of false positives where an identified potential exposure turned out not to be one. Over time LIS team members were able to transform the information into proposals for changes. We formed an IT Risk Management team with representatives from each of the LIS functions and we have been working the last several months to manage the implementation of changes that reduce our IT risks, increase our security, and do so in ways that do not unreasonably impact utility of IT services for our client users.

The headline for today features one of those changes.  In short it changes the way one will access the file system from off campus.  Further it begins a process to turn off a function that was part of a solution set up long ago, which now has been superseded.  Moving users off superseded solutions will become something we need to do more of to both control cost and reduce risk.  We will endeavor to do so balancing the inconvenience to last users with overall value (cost and risk) to Luther College when we implement such changes.

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