This Week in LIS - 30 August 2013

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Headline of the Week:  India’s Economic Crisis – What Might it Mean and What Can We Learn?

Early morning reading took on the current issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.  Focus turned quickly to the article “The Economic Crisis India Needs".  It struck me funny – when would a country need a crisis?  It seems like something to avoid!  In the article, Akash Kapur discusses the current struggling economy India is experiencing.  He shares that the Indian Rupee has fallen 17% against the U.S. dollar.  Thoughts immediately went to the families of our Indian students as they experience the weaker currency paying for college in America.  Other emerging market economies are also struggling.  Affordability is an issue across the globe.

Kapur also references a book by Shankkar Aiyar called Accidental India that explores how India has successfully changed over time (in particular since its independence).  He points out that it seems a crisis was required each time there was “wide or deep systemic change”. He argues that these changes did not come as result of foresight or careful planning, but were a side affect of dealing with major crises that had to be handled.

Yesterday Dr. Tiede shared his state of the college address.  He assured us that the state of the college is good, but that we are moving into strong headwinds as higher education in general is under a number of pressures including affordability, quality, demographics, etc.  He challenged us to think about what sort of institution we want to be by 2020 and to imagine the leadership we would welcome to get there.

Will we be able to leverage foresight and careful planning to navigate the winds of higher education change or is a burning platform always required to achieve “wide or systematic change”?  Surely in a crisis people are more willing to take direction and change.  However, without planning and foresight, it seems unlikely one stumbles onto good direction.   Perhaps we can learn some lessons we can apply if India is successful re-energizing its economy without a crisis.

Suggested Reading/Viewing/Listening:

The Economic Crisis India Needs

Accidental India
by Shankkar Aiyar

[email protected]

Notes from LIS Council

LIS Council is the leadership team within LIS. Among the topics discussed this past week were:

  • LIS Operational Agenda - Council members will be reporting on LIS operational views (metrics for processes and status of projects) regularly at LIS Council meetings. This week’s reports included the following:
    • Library
    • Ryan reported that the migration of the LIS website is considered complete.  There are some cleanup items and some additional work to be done prior to taking down the Drupal server.  If anyone finds anomalies please forward them to Ryan for diagnosis/resolution.  He shared the physical server supports other applications including the redirects, Dean’s Office events, reference statistics and the Postville Project  so re-purposing it will require virtualizing and migrating some functions to other systems.   Ryan plans to regroup on the next set of cleanups.  
    • Ryan also provided an update on the WMS implementation.  9/5 is OCLC’s target for getting the LDAP working so accounts can be created and accessed via Norse Keys.  Special thanks to Ben and Cindy for getting automatic patron loads working. New features from the August update include Materials Booking and Changing of Due Dates.  
    • This is a big week for meet and greets with librarians.  There were events with Paideia faculty, new faculty and a number of student groups associated with the Diversity Center.  The goal in all cases is to build the relationships that will lead to providing the best level of service and support possible.
    • Software Development project updates
    • Congratulations to Tanya Gertz, Brad Phillips, Cindy Goede and team for the Audience View go-live on Monday with their first online ticket sales.  The team continues to work on reporting, payment processing, and website content related to the new system.
    • Bob Puffer is hosting new faculty KATIE workshops and creating new online tutorials for the transition to the new responsive design of the KATIE learning management system.
    • The Human Resources office hosted the first of three information sessions on the online pay advice that will be available to all faculty and staff on September 26th.  Pay advices will no longer be printed and mailed after September.
    • Google analytics code has been added to the web applications to track usage on KATIE, Norsecard, NorseKey, Directory, Veterans, Norlie, and other sites to provide better web traffic and usage monitoring.
    • The Alumni and Development staff met for two days with a consultant from Perceptive Software for the ImageNow document workflow design meeting on August 20 & 21st.  Adam created the virtual private network (VPN) tunnel to provide access to ImageNow to the Luther College lead team with local authentication for now.  The ImageNow lead team has access to use the system and viewed the first sample of scanned documents. The sample batch was approved and indexing fields are defined.  Marcia & Nathan will work with ImageNow to set up additional users.  Adam will work on Active Directory authentication in the coming month.  Ricoh has collected 15,000 files from one of the Lektriever files for the backfile scanning project on Monday.   
    • Jean is making progress on resolving the SQL Server printer setup necessary for reporting in the SQL Server environment and testing.
    • Department and faculty semester preparation is creating many troubleshooting and LIS software and system requests.
  • New Items
    • LIS Faculty Intern
      • Tim Schweizer is leveraging his fall semester sabbatical to learn IT networking and security.  He’ll be contributing as an LIS IT intern focusing on hands on experience.  He will also learn from studying.  
    • Resumator Subscription
      • HR is bringing up a new electronic system to support searches with the plan to go live in September.  Given that, we have decided to terminate our Resumator subscription.  
    • LCWireless5G Poster
      • Adam shared a poster that Hana had made promoting the use of the LCWireless5G wireless network.  Sampson Hoffland, Main and Valders wireless networks have all been upgraded to support 5G.
  • Returning Items
    • EduCause CORE Data Survey
      • The survey is due September 13.  Sections have been assigned.  The approach is to complete each module, then determine if a group work is needed to complete sections that cross departments within LIS.
    • Digital Media Center Update
      • Much of the framing has been done.  Electrical work is underway.  
      • (l is happening now - Diane Tacke hired engineer for HVAC and construction - Matt Baumann involved in planning)
      • (Equipment proposal)
    • Bernice Rise Trust
      • We discussed additional ideas for use of the Bernice Rise Trust.   This fund is for acquisition and preservation of Norwegian and/or Norwegian-American materials.  Andi and Rachel will discuss options and come back to the group with a proposed plan.

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