This Week in LIS - 22 March 2013

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Headline of the Week: Digital Technology Helping the Liberal Arts?

The Midwest Regional Educause conference was held in Chicago Monday through Wednesday (March 18-20, 2013) this week. The ACM IT and Library Leaders meeting was scheduled to leverage those attending Educause for a meeting Wednesday afternoon.

It is always encouraging and inspiring to get to know others with similar concerns and additional ideas and points of view and alternative perspectives. It is energizing for me to hear others’ good ideas and to have them provide insights on ideas and mental models I have.

I was especially inspired by a talk by David Burrows, the Provost and Dean at Lawrence. David is a cognitive psychologist and teaches a large introductory psychology class. He shared techniques he is exploring to leverage digital technology to provide a more individualized experience for his face-to-face students. This is interesting because frequently digital technology is thought of as an alternative to individualized face-to-face education. In this case the focus is complementing the face-to-face teaching.

David began the talk with enumerating a number of characteristics that we want liberally educated people to have including ability to understand complexity and nuance, ability to deal with ambiguity, ability to make decisions, ability to communicate and especially to write, ability to problem solve, creativity and ability to adapt and be resilient in the face of change. He offered a number of ways he applies digital technology, using cognitive science theory, to improve student outcomes in these dimensions.

One that seemed quite interesting was a collaboration with their Moodle “smart guy” to create and program “layered” questions including fine-grained analysis. Easier questions test whether information has been internalized/memorized such as “How many rods and cones are in the human eye?” From there, success leads to questions that require interpretation. The example offered was “What are the advantages and disadvantages of a vision system with both rods and cones?” This requires a student to understand and articulate an understanding of a system’s features and weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Construction is required if the student is then asked, “What characteristics would you build into an artificial vision system?” This requires the student to abstract the values from the system under study and then re-apply them to a somewhat new context. When such a system provides analysis and opportunities are provided for re-testing, a self-reinforcing learning cycle emerges that guides students on an individualized path to deeper levels of understanding of the topic at hand and more importantly on a path to learn the higher order thinking and learning skills desired in one liberally educated.

The information technology reminded me of the conditional KATIE application that Bob wrote to support the new student placement testing. I am looking forward to further investigating David’s approach to see what we might learn and apply. I hope his slides get posted soon and I can provide a pointer.


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