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Headline of the Week: Copyright: YouTube AudioID and YouTube VideoID

At the library services this meeting this week we got into a conversation about copyright and copyright education for our students and faculty. This conversation included a reminder that we have on our website extensive information about copyright for use by our faculty and staff in dealing with the copyright issues they face and on which they need to make usage decisions. When you go to this site, look down the left side and see the range of topics for which information has been gathered. Spend some time studying this material. You would think with all this information and all the links from these pages to other resources that this topic would be pretty cut and dried. Think again. There are almost a million hits to the google search term “copyright grayarea.”

An item of consensus was that it is useful to encourage awareness and provide resources for learning about copyright issues and challenges.

Also this week, meetings were held by a group working to develop a digital media proposal in response to a request by the President to do a campus wide assessment and to develop a proposal on what Luther College should do going forward to deal with the growing use of digital media. Although there are many media types to consider and many use cases, video is an especially demanding one because of the proliferation of video capable devices (virtually any mobile phone) and the enormous size of the files that are created for both raw “footage” as well as edited projects.

These two areas of interest, copyright and video digital media, meet frequently. A popular intersection point is on YouTube. Did you know that when one uploads a video to YouTube there is a tool that processes the video called ContentId? It is a tool to support copyright holders. Holders of copyrighted materials provide reference files of audio and video tracks to YouTube. There are more than 3 million files in their reference database. An engine compares the file being uploaded to the reference library. When there is a match, YouTube takes action based on what the copyright holder has requested. The video could be blocked. Another action is “track” which means YouTube will provide the rights holder information about the video including how many views it has received. Yet another option is “monetize.” In this case Google Ads will become part of the video. Those ads could be pointers to where to buy/license the infringing material.

Those copyright holders that have provided reference files and joined the ContentId program have made agreements to not sue YouTube for hosting materials for which they own copyrights. It is not clear that the infringer is in any way off the hook. Perhaps the holder will be more tolerant if they are making money and that may lower the risk to the infringer.

The best way to to deal with this is to use audio and video in your work for which you have license or are in the public domain.

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YouTube AudioID and YouTube VideoID

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LIS Blog Highlights from the Week

The following articles are sampled from those available on the LIS Blog:

Notes from LIS Council

LIS Council is the leadership team within LIS. Among the topics discussed this past week were:

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Council members will be reporting on LIS operational views (metrics for processes and status of projects) regularly at LIS Council meetings. This week’s reports included the following:
    • Network & Systems
      • We discussed a “Denial of Service (DOS)” attack type called “DNS Amplification Attack” that Luther experienced during 1/21 and 1/22. It had no noticeable impact on our service levels. Our network design mitigated the impacts and new firewall rules were written to mitigate impacts even further going forward.
      • Adam shared breakdowns of average bandwidth consumed between our datacenter in Main and the routers that support key buildings on campus in order to get a handle on current capacities and usage. The motivation comes as we think about what we might expect and need to plan for as part of our campus wide digital media proposal.
    • User Services
      • Space conversations have happened with a number of parties in conjunction with the development of the digital media proposal.
      • Many events have been happening on campus requiring media setups and support from User Services (e.g. Oneota Film Festival, MLK Day).
      • Newly hired student workers are being paired up with returning workers to further their knowledge and their ability to support the campus community.
      • Two new applications have been added to the iPad Mobile Classroom which is a set of 25 iPads available for checkout through the Circulation Desk in the library.
      • Furniture has been ordered for Main 113 as a part of its renovation planned for Summer 2013.
      • User Services is preparing equipment for faculty and staff workstations for Spring 2013. The workstation roll for Financial Services is upcoming. The team is evaluating the current inventory to see what is required and affordable.
      • Filemaker Pro installation is in progress for the Education department. “Toolboxes” have been added to MatLab for Physics. The Language Learning Center computers are being re-imaged to the lab image plus additional applications for their specific needs.
      • Training sessions continue for Norse Docs, KATIE, Digital Signage, and Google Appointment slots.
      • Diane is supporting the onboarding of Patty Livingood which is in progress.
      • A review/update process is underway for LIS portions of the Admissions Deposited Student Guidebook. Updates are due to Diane by 1/31.
  • New Items
    • LIS General
      • We discussed a number of agenda topics/ideas for the upcoming 2/6 LIS General meeting. Please send ideas or recommendations to Paul.
    • LIS Service and System Notices – Spring 2013
      • A note to the Luther College community is generally sent out in the spring sharing “what’s new from LIS” at the start of the semester. We discussed updating/renaming the existing document and preparing to solicit new information for that memo.
  • Returning Items
    • Energy Visit
      • Energy & Waste Steward in Luther’s Office of Sustainability, Erika Kambs, will be coming to the 3/21 Library All Staff meeting to talk about energy usage in Preus Library.
    • New KATIE Version
      • We discussed the progress being made across the faculty and the support required for their readiness for the New KATIE Version for the spring semester. Bob will pass work orders to Lane/Jennifer as appropriate.
    • KATIE Streaming
      • We continue to work on communicating the need for instructors to update their links to get streaming to work with the new streaming system that was put in place for the New KATIE Version.
    • OCLC WMS Update
      • John and Ryan are working on the data transition worksheet.
    • Digital Media Update
      • The team met to examine use cases, make assumptions and define next steps for authoring the proposal. Another working meeting will be scheduled.
    • Document Imaging and Workflow Update
      • Marcia is working on getting clarification on proposal numbers this week. A meeting is being scheduled with the “cloud” technical support at one candidate vendor to explore some of the technical issues. Future meetings are being scheduled to explore “backfile” scanning options.
    • LIS Website Reason Migration
      • Rob has students available at the beginning of February to help with the migration of default page types (e.g. about LIS) of which there are a couple hundred and they are relatively static. It would be good to train them all together, but they may work from their current work environments after training. Ryan will control the editing function as pages are changed to avoid any dual maintenance overhead nor overlaid changes as we move from Drupal to Reason.

Upcoming LIS Training, Instruction, and Professional Development Opportunities

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Course Format Date Location Enrollment
Google (Norse) Docs Workshop Jan 29 2013 – 11:00am 11:30am Olin 301 – Round Table Room Open
New Katie – Faculty Working Session Workshop Jan 29 2013 – 11:30am 2:00pm Olin 301 – Round Table Room Open
It's Not Just Facebook!—What Every College Student Should Know About Online Privacy: Privacy Officers Around the Virtual Water Cooler Online Conference Jan 30 2013 – 12:00pm 1:00pm Preus Library – Hovde Lounge Open
Google (Norse) Docs Workshop Jan 31 2013 – 1:00pm 1:30pm Olin 301 – Round Table Room Open
New Katie – Faculty Working Session Workshop Jan 31 2013 – 1:30pm 4:00pm Olin 301 – Round Table Room Open

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