This Week in LIS - 30 November 2012

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Headline of the Week: Social Reading

I attend the New Faculty Meetings hosted by the Dean’s Office. One motivation is to get to know and build relationships with the new faculty. My participation provides me situational opportunity to share our story, to listen carefully for important unmet needs and to tap into the energies of new faculty for possible experiments and pilots. I get new evidence weekly that the range and scope of LIS services available is not broadly understood. This is a great way to engage with new faculty.

At the last meeting there was some great discussion about using forums or blogs to enable students to engage with one another on class topics/readings. Several experienced professors were in attendance sharing their points of view. Discussion topics included how to get students to contribute, the value of providing a written, asynchronous approach to some students less comfortable with speaking during class, the energy that can come if a forum/blog topic really resonates with students’ interest and they engage at a rich level.

In my teaching I have used Katie forums. The class will have studied a number of readings (e.g. on business strategy) and are then asked to post about how their (e.g. company) experience relates. Further, students are asked to comment on other students’ posts. These approaches are also a big part of “on-line” classes and I have mixed them in with the face to face sessions.

When I read I tend to have an ongoing conversation in my head, with the author and with my pen in the margins (at least of the books I own). I write down all sorts of things including whether the text is making sense to me, whether I am in agreement, further supportive points, counterpoints, relationships and connections to other things I have read and an occasional idea inspired by the reading that might apply to some other portion of my life. In a previous work environment there were some folks that rather enjoyed borrowing my books after I’d read and annotated them. They said they liked the commentary. I was flattered but expect they simply found it amusing. I do this with books and I also do this with my Kindle, typing the same sort of stuff into the “notes” associated with my ebooks.

This morning I came across this article. It seemed like an integration of the ideas the new faculty were talking about with annotation of books but provided by a web 2.0/social media platform that enables classwide (or beyond) collaboration. The article points out a number of practical limitations but the technical building blocks are in place, an example integration has been demonstrated and if it is valuable time will lead to mitigation of the limitations through further integration.

Where might this be applied at Luther College? How useful would it be? What would we in LIS need to enable to experiment?

Suggested Reading/Viewing:

With ‘Social Reading,’ Books Become Places to Meet, by Jennifer Howard

[email protected]

LIS Blog Highlights from the Week

The following articles are sampled from those available on the LIS Blog:

Notes from LIS Council

LIS Council is the leadership team within LIS. Among the topics discussed this past week were:

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Council members will be reporting on LIS operational views (metrics for processes and status of projects) regularly at LIS Council meetings. This week’s reports included the following:
    • Library
      • Reference statistics were shared. There have been 123 instruction sessions this academic year to date.
    • Software Development
      • Marcia was not able to attend and didn’t give a report this week.
  • New Items
    • Class Evaluation Data
      • A discussion at the Department Heads meeting raised a concern with the workflow for viewing/accessing evaluations from past semesters by those who need it. An example would be a new department head or the Academic, Tenure and Promotion Committee. Another example is when evaluation data comes to a “center” leader like Paideia and needs to be shared back to the department heads for the Paideia instructors. We need to follow-up with conversation with Bob.
      • In our LIS discussion the question was raised whether evaluations be added to the retention schedule. Andi agreed to identify policies surrounding evaluation retention and access.
      • Rachel agreed to identify policies surrounding faculty search retention and access.
    • Upcoming LIS General Agenda
      • The topics for next week’s LIS General include the following:
        • Welcome to Nathan Porath and Laurel Womeldorf
        • Update on Program Support Coordinator Search
        • Updates on Big Projects/New Systems
    • Midyear LIS Objectives Review
      • We will perform our midyear review of LIS Objectives at the January or February LIS General.
    • Midyear Performance Feedback
      • We agreed to provide mid-year performance feedback within LIS.
    • January Retreat
      • Rather than holding a full LIS staff retreat in January as we have in prior years, we will instead encourage the use of “hackfests” on key topics for project teams.
    • Fixit SchoolDude to KBOX Transition
      • LIS and Facilities are working on a project to use the KBOX to manage Facilities “fixit” requests.
  • Returning Items
    • Program Support Coordinator Search
      • We have begun the search for a Program Support Coordinator. The team includes Paul, Rene, Andi, Marcia, and Diane.

Upcoming LIS Training, Instruction, and Professional Development Opportunities

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Course Format Date Location Enrollment
Remote Access Options Product Demonstration Dec 3 2012 – 12:15pm 1:15pm Dahl Centennial Union – Mott Open
Google (Norse) Docs Workshop Dec 4 2012 – 8:15am 8:45am Olin 301 – Round Table Room Open
Google (Norse) Docs for Nursing Workshop Dec 4 2012 – 12:30pm 1:00pm Olin 301 – Round Table Room Closed
Google (Norse) Docs Workshop Dec 5 2012 – 11:00am 11:30am Olin 301 – Round Table Room Open
ZOTERO Workshop Workshop Dec 5 2012 – 7:00pm 8:00pm Preus Library – Hovde Lounge Open
Remote Access Options Product Demonstration Dec 6 2012 – 11:15am 12:15pm Dahl Centennial Union – Mott Open
Google (Norse) Docs Workshop Dec 6 2012 – 1:00pm 1:30pm Main 114 Open
Google (Norse) Docs Workshop Dec 6 2012 – 2:45pm 3:15pm Main 114 Open

Training and instruction is provided to the Luther Community through Faculty Development Sessions, Library Instruction Sessions, Product Demonstrations, Skills Training, Workshops, 1-on-1 Sessions, and Online Materials. To schedule a session, contact the LIS Technology Help Desk at x1000 or enter your request online at

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