This Week in LIS - 13 July 2012

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Headline of the Week: LIS Summer Faculty Workshop – Observations

This past week, LIS and the Dean’s Office co-sponsored the workshop, “Enhancing Student Learning Through Information Literacy and Technology.” This second annual faculty workshop focused on connecting interested faculty with LIS to explore possibilities for leveraging technology through information literacy to meet teaching goals. I have been able to sit in on a couple of the sessions to get a feel for the dynamics. It has been a great experience. I have felt proud. (Is feeling proud okay for a Lutheran if it’s of others good work? If not, Kyrie, eleison.)

This year there are two faculty members around which the workshop is centered: one relatively new to Luther and another with more experience. With the addition of the two departments of which these faculty are a part, the two workshops have touched nine departments on campus.

Three key observations from these workshops are:

1) The faculty seem pleased by the range of experiences and possibilities the LIS team can bring to the table for discussion and their consideration. It is exhilarating to be part of a team where creativity and innovative juices are flowing; to the point a key challenge is one of selecting from many options. It was the time for thoughtful conversation around mutually shared goals (improving teaching and learning for students) that I believe led to mutually broadened possibilities. This seemed really good and left me with the question of how we can get more of these deep conversations going between busy faculty and LIS.

2) It was a fantastic feeling to see the depth and breadth of the skills and experiences brought into the conversation on various teaching/learning technology options by the LIS team. Starting with some structure to guide the conversation providing broad views of technology possibilities the agenda became more dynamic as the conversation revealed new or specific requirements and/or technology wants and needs. The facilitators were able to call on various LIS team members from
around the table to share their “know-how” and experiences from across campus and beyond. Further other team members were invited in to share yet other skills and experiences. In some cases team members took “research” items out of the workshop to explore coming back with information and new options.

3) The final takeaway has to do with the extraordinary service orientation the LIS team members exhibited. To a person, the LIS teammates exuded a “how can I help you (faculty) and this project be successful both during this workshop as well as into the future as you take ideas from workshop and try to deploy and enact new approaches.” My sense is that another outcome will be connections, ideas and relationships that will be leveraged into the future and on an ongoing, informal basis. The words partner or ally come to mind.

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LIS Blog Highlights from the Week

The following articles are sampled from those available on the LIS Blog:

Notes from LIS Council

LIS Council is the leadership team within LIS. Among the topics discussed this past week were:

  • LIS Operational Agenda
    • Council members will be reporting on LIS operational views (metrics for processes and status of projects) regularly at LIS Council meetings. This week’s reports included the following:
      • Library: Andi and Ryan shared the plan for reporting metrics going forward, focusing on the following areas: Research Help, Instruction, Space Use, Events & Engagement, Collection Use & Development.
      • Software Development: Marcia gave updates on the following projects: WebTix, Genesis TimeAmerica Facial Clock, Datatel SQL Server Migration, Veterans Searchable Website, Active Directory, Slate, and Reason.
    • Those reporting next week include: Archives and Network & Systems.
  • New Items
    • Board of Regents – Discussed inputs for the October Board of Regents LIS Update.

Upcoming LIS Training, Instruction, and Professional Development Opportunities

Click on the event below for specific information and for a link to register. More information on training and development events is available.

Course Format Date Location Enrollment
Creating a Faculty Website Using Reason Workshop Aug 9 2012 – 9:00am 12:00pm Olin 301 – Round Table Room Open
Senior Projects: Creating Meaningful Culminating Experiences in the Major Faculty Development Aug 16 2012 – 9:00am 1:00pm Dahl Centennial Union – Nansen Open
Luther College as a Community of Faith and Learning (Day 1 of 2) Faculty Development Aug 20 2012 – 9:00am 3:30pm Loyalty Board Room Open
Paideia 111/112 New Instructor Workshop (Day 1 of 2) Faculty Development Aug 20 2012 – 9:00am 12:00pm Main 114 Open
Updates for Academic Advisors Faculty Development Aug 20 2012 – 9:00am 12:00pm TBA Open
Luther College as a Community of Faith and Learning (Day 2 of 2) Faculty Development Aug 21 2012 – 9:00am 3:30pm Loyalty Board Room Open
Paideia 111/112 New Instructor Workshop (Day 2 of 2) Faculty Development Aug 21 2012 – 9:00am 12:00pm Main 114 Open
Writing in the Disciplines Faculty Development Aug 22 2012 – 1:00pm 4:00pm Main 112 Open

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