User Services Meeting - 12/16/13

Present: Larry, Matt H, Carsten, Erin, Bob E, Eddy, Jennifer S, Jennifer R, Diane

GusDay 2014 - GusDay will be held January 17, 2014 at St. Kate’s in St. Paul, MN. LIS members interested in attending are to register themselves, forward the receipt to Patty, and let Diane know. Those attending will meet in January to discuss logistics.

Energy Competition - We discussed the possibility of the LIS Headline wallpaper on the lab computers advertising the energy competition during the event this spring, along with other ways in which to help promote the event.

Hovde Projector - The projector in Hovde is showing its age by displaying "sparkles" in the lower left corner. If there are other projectors on campus exhibiting the same behavior, let Bob know.

Security Cameras - There was a meeting last week and another meeting this week. The team is working on refining the bids and preparing a budgetary timeline for the long term project. The initial stage of the project will include cameras installed primarily at residence hall doors and in the Union.

Printer Tags - With IKON formerly changing to Ricoh, we discussed the possibility of the tags on the printers, copiers, and multifunction devices changing and the impact. We are awaiting more information from Ricoh.

Beyond the Bubble - Jennifer shared information related to this project which is a new initiative that centralizes resources focused on preparing students for their life after Luther. More information will be shared at the January LIS General.

Sustainability Proposals - Matt shared that there is a new fund called “Luther College Climate Action Fund” that will be accepting proposals in the spring. He encouraged us to consider potential proposals. & Atomic Learning- LIS will be hosting a demo of on January 7, 2014. We currently subscribe to Atomic Learning.

Olin Repair Work - Repair work will occur on the Olin faculty offices from December 20 through January 31. During that time, LIS welcomes Wade Shilts and Steve Holland to the library faculty carrels. Other Olin faculty are being relocated elsewhere.

User Services Staffing - We reviewed the LIS Council notes from this past week, focusing on the request for a full-time Multimedia Specialist and additional student workers that will start in January for the Technology Help Desk and the Digital Media Center.

Printing in the Library - We discussed the current plans underway regarding color printing in the library and the enforcement of student quotas.

Holidays - A reminder that with Christmas and New Years right around the corner, please keep the LIS Outboard up-to-date with vacations.