User Services Meeting - 4/17/17

Present: Larry, Matt, Ryan, Holly, Cara, Erin, Muaz, Matt, Michael, Eddy, Dennis, Dave, Jesse, Diane

2017-18 Image changes - We discussed potential changes to the images that are being prepared for the 2017-18 academic year. Once a test Windows faculty/staff image is prepared, it will be made available for testing within ITS. We are tentatively planning on installing Windows 10 beginning this summer.

ITS Welcome Guide - A revised draft has been shared with ITS and Library staff for review. Please send feedback to Matt by Friday.

Separation of Admin Rights from Workstation Login - This topic will be the Tip of the Month for April and a handout will be shared at the staff meetings this week. Over 100 staff have been part of this pilot and the changes will be implemented for the remainder of the staff yet this semester.

Windows Cleanup Script - We have been piloting a script in OFS and ITS that will improve performance and security of Windows workstations by removing temporary files, clearing the cache, and removing OldPC files. We'll continue piloting for now, with the intention of installing this campus-wide yet this semester.

Admin1 File Server Transition - We are working to identify Favorites, Drive Mappings, and Recent Files that may be impacted by the transition to aid in determining the best timing for the transition to the new server for staff.

KATIE 3.2 Test Instance Available - We are upgrading to version 3.2 of Moodle (aka KATIE) on Friday, May 26. An instance of the new version is available for testing.

Summer Student Workers - We discussed which students will be working with which ITS teams this summer.