User Services Meeting - 3/20/2017

Present: Jesse, Larry, Matt, Holly, Erin, Bob, Dave, Eddy, Matt, Chris, Dennis, Diane

2017-18 Student Work - Supervisors are to complete the form received from Student Employment indicating which of their current student workers will returning to work for them during the 2017-18 academic year. The authorization form and estimated student work hours spreadsheet were shared.

Olin 214 - The Center for Public Ethics and Engagement will be renovated this summer. We discussed the details of that renovation. Our team will be involved with the data and wiring, installation of the conference room A/V equipment, and the movement of the mfd from Campus. House to Olin. We do not plan to install a printer in the second floor of Campus House in its place.

Separating Administrator Rights from Your Workstation Login - We are continue to roll out this change for staff, continuing with Admissions and Athletics Windows computers yet this month. We are also beginning to pilot the change on Mac computers as well. The plan is to implement this change for all staff by the end of the spring semester, and for faculty thereafter.

Tip of the Month - The March tip of the month to be shared at the staff meeting will focus on Google Drive organization. In April, we'll share more regarding admin rights.

Student H Drive Removal - Before students graduate from Luther, they are asked to retrieve any files they need from their H Drive. The files are then removed from the server. This is the second year that H Drives are no longer provided to students nor required for use by any classes or services. This, combined with Google's unlimited storage capacity, has resulted in our decision to remove H Drives for all students at the end of the spring semester. We are currently working on communication plans.

PII - We are piloting software that will help locate personally identifiable information stored on Luther's computers and systems. It will run like antivirus runs, scanning files in locations and upon access, seeking out PII. Results will then be analyzed and communicated with those involved.

Sophos Intercept X & Cloud-based Console - We are purchasing an upgrade to our Sophos software that will provide additional functionality, is a newer version, and contains a better console. This will allow for updating/scanning of off-campus computers and behavior-based scanning.

Budget - As we approach the end of the fiscal year, please let Diane know of any purchases that must be made by the end of this year as well as other budgetary needs.

Performance Reviews - This year, performance review paperwork is due to HR by May. We discussed the process.

GoPrint Server - We have fully transitioned from GoPrint to PaperCut. The GoPrint server was shutdown on Friday, March 17.

Browser Updates - We have disabled automatic updates for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer on Windows Faculty/Staff workstations. Going forward, the KBOX's patching mechanism will be the primary source for updating browsers on these machines. This will help to ensure our various web-based solutions are fully functional with the latest browser releases before being deployed to our network.

Removing Temp Files - We are fine tuning a script that will remove temporary files upon logout/shutdown of faculty and staff computers. This script will be piloted first in ITS and OFS before implementing across campus. The first time it runs, it may take several minutes depending upon the number of temporary files on your system. We discussed communication plans.

KATIE - We are upgrading Friday, May 26 to CORE code, version 3.2. The theme will be different which will be a big change for faculty, staff, and students in regard to the look and feel of the system.