New site planned to go live August 12th

LIS is pleased to announce a new website where you can change both your Norse Key and Active Directory password in one place! For additional security, the next time you change your password, your password will need to be a minimum of 10 characters, numbers, and symbols in length. In addition to a Norse Key for your email, my.luther, KATIE, and other applications, many people have an Active Directory password to use Slate (Admissions), ImageNow (Document Imaging), and Citrix for remote access. For more information on your Norse Key and Active Directory passwords see the Norse Key Policy on the LIS website.

Colleague/Datatel and Business Objects reporting will still require separate passwords for now. These systems will use your Active Directory password eventually.

Thanks to Chris Stuckman for his great work on this!

Contact the Technology Help Desk if you have any questions about how to change your password. For some tips, and a great article, read “How to create a secure password you’ll actually remember”.