User Services Meeting - 8/5/14

Present: Carsten, Erin, Matt B, Muaz, Matt H, Matt H, Eddy, Jennifer R, Diane

Lab Printers - LIS has installed 24 new duplex printers in labs and classrooms around campus, including the residence halls. The new printers are in place and are printing single-sided currently. This month, we will be upgrading the lab and classroom workstations with new images and, at that time, will also install the ability to print duplex. Duplex printing will then be the default on these printers.

LIS Gator - The gator used by our team to move equipment around campus was recently fixed. Since we don't know how much longer it will run for us, we will be meeting with Facilities to discuss options.

New Norse Key Change Page- We discussed the new Norse Key change page currently being tested that will allow the Luther community to change both their Norse Key password and their Active Directory password in one place. The target is for this to go live in August.

KATIE Faculty Advocates - The KATIE Support Team is seeking faculty member suggestions for KATIE advocates. Suggestions were made. Additional suggestions should be directed to Jennifer R or Erin.

TV Recycling - Recently, TVs were found in the dumpster behind Olin. Reminder from Facilities that electronics are to be properly recycled. If you have questions about proper recycling, contact Facilities or LIS or visit

Classroom Technology Workshop - A faculty workshop titled, "Using Classroom Technology in Teaching" will be facilitated by Jackie Wilkie on August 27. It will highlight the new technology installed in the Main classrooms this summer. We discussed the plans for that workshop.

Staffing - We reviewed staffing changes on campus that impact User Services.

Student Workers & Training - The Multimedia student workers will begin their training the Tuesday afternoon prior to move-in weekend. Some of the Help Desk student workers will begin their training the Thursday afternoon prior to move-in weekend. Circulation Desk student workers begin their training the Monday after move-in weekend. The day prior to the start of classes there is an all-LIS Staff & Student meeting.

AirServer - AirServer will be installed on all podiums by the start of the fall semester. Matt H showed some of the features of the new version, including the ability to record a session.